70612 Green Ninja Mech Dragon Review!

G’day everyone! Today I have another LEGO Ninjago Movie review: 70612 Green Ninja Mech Dragon! This set has 544 pieces and retails for $49.99 (U.S.), £44.99 (UK), $89.99 (Aus), and $99.99 (NZ).

The set has 4 minifigures.

The first is Lloyd. Normally this would be the cheapest way to get him in his ninja outfit but he also appears in the CMF series. Nevertheless, he’s a good figure with intricate printing that I like!

The second figure is Master Wu. He’s a nice figure (though I don’t like the gap in his skirt) but a very similar version appears in the CMF as well, while the exact same one also appears in the cheaper 70608 Master Falls. However, it’s still nice to get him here as he is a good figure.

The third figure is what looks to be my favorite character from the film, Lord Garmadon himself! This version of Garmadon, in full battle regalia and with fantastic blue robes, is currently exclusive to this set! He is my favorite version of Garmadon and it looks like this is his regular outfit which he might wear for quite a lot of the film. Garmadon has two katanas and the Ultimate Weapon, which is a human-sized laser pointer. I like how it’s built but it swivels freely on a Technic pin through which it is attached, which is annoying. 70612_green_ninja_mech_dragon_reveal_04The final figure is a Garmadon soldier called Charlie. I don’t know why he’s named in some sets and not in others. I like his torso/leg printing but his head is common and his beanie is bland in comparison to some of the other sea creature helmets in the theme.

These four figures are quite nice but half of them are CMFs, though the awesome Garmadon goes some way to make up for it. I would’ve liked to see one more figure at this price point, though.

70612-1There’s only one build, the Green Ninja Mech Dragon itself. It is predominantly sand green, with black and gold highlights. 70612_green_ninja_mech_dragon_reveal_09The image of the dragon on the box is, in my opinion, one of the ugliest views I have seen this positioned in. However, it does provide a close look at the head. The head uses two brand new specialized molds, one for the lower jaw and one for the snout. Some might decry the use of molds like these but I think they look alright. Furthermore, the head has some clever reuse of other specialized parts: a minifigure head stuck into a bowl forms the eye, a golden blade and a golden banana form golden highlights around the eye, and a fuchsia-colored flag is used for the tongue. One sticker is used on the top of the head while others are used elsewhere, but these add some nice finishing touches so I won’t complain. 70612_green_ninja_mech_dragon_reveal_11You can hinge open the dragon’s lower jaw using the click hinge, however I prefer it closed as it looks a bit disjointed if opened too far. The head itself is on a ratcheted joint so it can swivel side to side or rotate around (so the head can be posed upside down!) The neck has up-down movement relative to the body, and that is where Lloyd sits. He has a printed recolor of the book cover piece to form a heads-up-display, and that is connected using two sand green skeleton arms. I think the technique looks fantastic! Lloyd also has two joysticks to control the dragon (it is a robotic mech after all), and, when using them, his sword can clip onto a clip next to him. 70612_green_ninja_mech_dragon_reveal_12A stud shooter is placed on each front leg. These fire off golden studs and are decently incorporated. The legs are also quite poseable and I like how the feet are built: using the specialized dragon leg element but with extensions built onto them. I believe these are new in sand green too. 70612_green_ninja_mech_dragon_reveal_13Despite looking very natural and organic, one must remember this is not an elemental dragon (like in the TV show), instead, this is a robotic one. Thus, two panels can be opened up to reveal hinge-out jet engines. These look pretty good and I’m happy they provide an explanation as to how the dragon flies. Another thing I like is the translucent green highlights and the black spikes, these look absolutely marvelous!70612_green_ninja_mech_dragon_reveal_14The tail is built with three individual modules that are joined together. Rotating the gear wheel will allow the tail to flick back and forth in a surprisingly natural way, yet with enough power to knock over a minifigure like Charlie. There is also another joint between the body and the rear legs section: these two parts are connected using rubber elements and, despite not being able to hold a pose for display, can be bent back and forth in a organic manner. The back legs are just as poseable as the front legs, but they have a flap which attempts to cover the ratcheted joint, and they do not have stud shooters. 70612_green_ninja_mech_dragon_reveal_05I must take a moment to stop and applaud the designers for what they have done here with this dragon. It is absolutely beautiful, with fantastic angles, shapes, and colors. The spikes running all the way down its back are great, as is the fact that it looks suitably organic despite being robotic and scaled-down from the movie version. I just really, really love this dragon.

70612 Box Back Green Ninja Mech Dragon Let’s see… the minifigures in this set are pretty good. Unfortunately two of them are CMFs, but Garmadon is great and this is still a good set to get three main characters. Play value isn’t super high but it’s there and it’s fun to fly the dragon or pose it in various ways. The build itself is absolutely stunning! From some angles the head looks too big but generally it’s fine and has great flows to it. The impressive length of 60cm is not to be overlooked as well. Furthermore, while the price of $49.99 (U.S.), $89.99 (Aus), and $99.99 (NZ) is good, £44.99 in the UK is amazing and has really good value! This looks like it will be an iconic LEGO Ninjago Movie set so definitely pick it up when you can.

  • Builds: 4.5/5
  • Minifigures: 3.5/5
  • Playability: 4/5
  • Price: 4.5/5
  • Personal Rating: 4.5/5
  • TOTAL: 4.2/5

Thanks for reading! As always, let me know your thoughts in a comment below! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀

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