LEGO MOC/Set Idea: Supremacy Hangar Duel!

Hey everybody! Today I have a MOC/Set Idea for you all – Supremacy Hangar Duel! This “set” shows the climactic (and unfortunately, short) duel between Captain Phasma and Finn in The Last Jedi. It contains 340 pieces and would retail for £25.99 (UK), $29.99 (U.S.), $44.99 (Aus), and $49.99 (NZ) – basically the price point of sets like 75199 General Grievous Combat Speeder and 75200 Ahch-To Island Training.

This post does contain spoilers for The Last Jedi, so you have been warned. But then again, it’s been more than 3 months since the movie came out. 😛 

The “set” includes two minifigures – Undercover Finn and Captain Phasma.

  • Undercover Finn wears the standard gunmetal grey First Order officer outfit seen in 75190 First Order Star Destroyer. He has a double-sided head and his black hairpiece, along with a white riot control baton.
  • Captain Phasma is the same minifigure as the one included in 75201 First Order AT-ST. In this set, she comes with a spear and a silver pistol.

Supremacy Hangar Duel

The build of the set is a portion of the Supremacy Hangar, the location of Finn and Phasma’s duel in the movie. There’s a level above that has a grilled floor – this is where Finn and Phasma stand and fight. The holes in the grill allow them to see the fire burning below.

If you swivel around to the back of the model, you can see there are two gears which stick out. These are part of a geared mechanism that allows Finn and Phasma to “duel”. Turn the gear, and the 2×2 round plate which the minifigure stands on will rotate. This allows Finn and Phasma to swing their melee weapons at each other.

You can also use this feature to swing Phasma around and knock Finn off the platform.

However, there is an elevator platform underneath (which works in the same way as the one in 70620 NINJAGO City) that Finn falls on. You can then move the elevator platform up and let Finn whack Phasma off to her apparent death! Awesome and child-friendly!

That’s it for my little MOC/Set Idea! I hope you enjoyed reading that 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below!

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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