41598 The Flash BrickHeadz Review!

Hi everyone! Today I have another LEGO BrickHeadz review – 41598 The Flash! This is one of the four Justice League BrickHeadz released so far, though we will be getting a Tactical Batman and Superman dual pack later in the year. It retails for £9.99 (UK), $9.99 (U.S.), $15.99 (Aus), and $19.99 (NZ), and contains 122 pieces. Sooo… the Flash. Dashing out of Justice League, the Flash wears his dark red movie outfit in the cute blocky BrickHeadz form. His head is practically unprinted except for the normal BrickHeadz eyes, and he has a golden plate and tile on either side of the head to represent the lightning bolt on Flash’s outfit. The Flash does have a couple of printed elements on his body, though. There’s a printed 1×4 tile to give him the iconic Flash logo, while a printed 1×2 brick on his lower body gives him some abs. His legs have black headlight bricks with 1×1 dark red tiles to give a bit of black highlights on his legs.

What interests me most is that the minifigure Flash went for mostly bright red, while the BrickHeadz variant went for dark red. I personally prefer the dark red as I think it’s more accurate. Oh, and I must mention that the Flash of course comes with a stand. This one is made out of 5 pieces, and has a printed “SERIES 2” 2×4 tile. It’s a 6×6-sized base which is good as that means the Flash will not topple over.

Okay, so that is the Flash BrickHeadz! On the whole I think it’s not a bad BrickHeadz, though there isn’t really any hairpiece to help spice it up. In that aspect it’s a little bit boring too. However, I like the dark red color scheme, and I think that if you’re a BrickHeadz fan, you won’t really be disappointed by the Flash.

Rating: 3.5/5

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below! I’ll see ya in the next post 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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