75211 Imperial TIE Fighter Review!

Hey everybody! Today I have a review of another Solo: A Star Wars Story set – 75211 Imperial TIE Fighter! This is a new 519-piece set that retails for £64.99 (UK), $69.99 (U.S.), $99.99 (Aus), and $119.99 (NZ). Many fans have wanted a new Original Trilogy TIE Fighter for a while, so let’s see if this set is good! There are four minifigures included, but the first one we’ll take a look at is Han Solo. The Solo movie will introduce a new troop class known as the Mudtrooper, and you can see their outfit here. Han appears to be disguised in a Mudtrooper uniform in this set, and he gets a new helmet mold to show that. The goggles are printed on the top of the helmet, but unlike the AT-ST driver‘s helmet there’s extra molded detail all around. Han’s new head for the Solo movie is present here, and currently appears in two other sets. He wears a grey outfit that has a lot of sand green dirt on it, as well as a new poncho cape with printed hood. The poncho is the older cape material so may crinkle up if you’re not careful, however I think LEGO selected this material because I don’t think you can print on the new cape material. I therefore think it’s a fair tradeoff. Han is armed with a blaster rifle, which is unusual as he normally uses a blaster pistol, but he’s probably trying to blend in with other Imperials here. The second minifigure is Woody Harrelson’s character, Tobias Beckett. He plays Han’s mentor in the film (and notably calls him ‘kid’ several times), and his character currently appears only in this set. He wears a kepi, the hat of an Imperial Officer, and has a new head print, which I think looks slightly off but I suppose it’s tolerable. Interestingly, he appears to be wearing a mudtrooper uniform too, but with extra holsters on the legs and with the poncho draped over. That’s probably why he doesn’t come with the printed cape piece. Beckett comes with two silver pistols which are not too common and are nice accessories. Hopefully, we will get a normal, non-disguised version of Beckett one day.The third minifigure is a TIE Fighter Pilot. I believe this minifigure is new, as he looks like he has some new, very detailed printing on the helmet. The torso and leg prints are good too, and he is armed with a black blaster pistol. A good minifigure who is necessary for this set. Last but definitely not least is the Mimban Stormtrooper. Mimban Stormtroopers are a new variation on the Stormtrooper which were deployed on the planet Mimban and will make an appearance in Solo. This minifigure uses the new helmet mold for the Imperial Patrol Troopers from 75207, but in light grey and with new prints. The prints on the helmet, torso, and legs are all that of a normal stormtrooper but with lots of added dirt printing, which looks good but also slightly odd as the dirt doesn’t continue on to the sides. I’m also wondering if LEGO is planning on replacing the existing Stormtrooper helmet mold with this newer mold – I personally hope not as it has a new ridge on the forehead which is present on the Patrol Troopers and Mimban Stormtroopers, but not on the regular Stormtroopers. Only time will tell. The Mimban Stormtrooper is equipped with a blaster rifle as well as the same printed grey poncho. All in all, the four minifigures included are all nice but I would have definitely liked at least a couple more. There’s only one build included, which is the TIE Fighter itself. It has a similar design to 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter, and with good reason too, though some areas have of course undergone some changes. The wings follow the same design as the First Order TIE, but with the colors inverted which looks good. They are attached with clips so are still secure.

The cockpit itself, though, is slightly different. Obviously it only sits one, and it uses the new 6×6 canopy piece for the front, but the top hatch is a printed 4×4 radar dish which was a poor choice in my opinion as it looks less rounded than using the same 6×6 piece instead. Other TIEs like 75101 and 75082 TIE Advanced Prototype have used the round canopy piece on top which I really think looks better. It appears the LEGO design team also tried a more angular style, with regular slope pieces and this Minecraft piece recolored in grey. I think this is another odd choice as TIE Fighter cockpits are famously spherical. The front canopy piece can be hinged down and the top hatch opens on this hinge piece. Inside is a decently spacious area for the TIE Fighter Pilot to sit down and pilot. He gets a droid body as a control yoke, but that droid body piece has an extra clip which helps to keep the guy in his seat no matter what stunts you do.

There are a pair of spring-loaded shooters built into the body. They fire off red projectiles. In the movie, the TIEs fire off green lasers but the laser nubs are red, so I think going with red was the right decision.

Here’s a cheesy photo for your enjoyment.

There’s actually no other play features for the TIE, though you can fly it around which is pretty fun. Nothing like flying around an iconic ship. You can also pair it up with 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon, though they are out-of-scale.

On the whole, I think this set is just alright. The build is nice, but it really could have been better – the cockpit is too angular IMO and the use of the 4×4 dish as the top hatch was a strange choice. The minifigures are nice but I would have liked a couple more. It’s fun to swoosh it around and shoot at targets but beyond that there’s nothing much to do. Also, the price is rather high – £49.99 (UK), $49.99 (U.S.), $89.99 (Aus), and $99.99 (NZ) would be more reasonable. This set could have been really good, but it has quite a few shortcomings.

  • Builds: 4/5
  • Minifigures: 3.5/5
  • Playability: 3.5/5
  • Price: 3.5/5
  • Personal Rating: 3.5/5
  • TOTAL: 3.6/5

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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  1. Good review! (imma back, I was away on holiday, school started today so im back home and now i have an excuse to be on my laptop because of that dreaded thing called homework)

    Anyways it’s my birthday tomorrow and i’ve pointed my parents in the direction of this or the Bentatar so we’ll see what I get….

    The Benatar is probably a better set, but this is one classic vehicle that I don’t have yet so either set will be good.

    Also I saw this set being sold for 79.99 at kmart, normal price so that makes this set better in Australia 😀

    bit of a rushed comment as im about to go eat dinner xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome back! I was wondering where you went XD

      Well happy birthday! I think you should get the Benatar over this. Better minifigures, equally good build, and better value (though 79.99 is not too shabby).

      How was dinner? 😆


  2. I’m making a LEGO Star Wars fan film about a group of mudtroopers (Han’s not one of them) stranded on an island in the middle of a deep mud lake. I don’t have many Imperial stormies, and I don’t have this set (yet), so expect a few First Order stormies in the fan film, okay? Also, filming begins tomorrow, and I have yet to decide on a final title. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the support, man.

        Also, I know some nitpicking LEGO Star Wars fans that also complain about even minor continuity errors. Even if they see only one of the First Order stormtroopers in my fan film, they’ll probably complain a lot about it in the comments.

        Random whiny nitpicking Star Wars fan: First of all, why did so many First Order stormtroopers appears in this bland excuse for a LEGO fan film? Second of all, was that a First Order gunner that had a cameo in it, or am I just seeing things? And was that a flametrooper in the background of the ending scene?

        Actually, there is gonna be a flametrooper in the background of the end scene, and I can’t find many Imperial gunners (according to the Official Solo Guide Book, Imperial gunners were at the Battle of Mimban in Solo), and the ones I can find are in very expensive sets, like the UCS Death Star. I think I saw one or two Imperial gunners in the Battle of Mimban scene, so I bought the First Order Heavy Scout Walker so I could have a Gunner anyways.

        I saw your arcticle on the Imperial Convoyex Train and the AT-Hauler sets coming out this summer, and the Convoyex set has an Imperial Gunner in it. I need to pick that set up, it looks cool.

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              1. I know it’s kind of spoilery, but here’s some leaked script from the fan film, courtesy of its own creator:

                [The fan films begins.]

                [Emmett the Imperial mudtrooper is seen shooting a Mimbanese soldier several times.]

                [The Mimbanese soldier looks at Emmett.]

                Mimbanese soldier: Why harm us?

                [The Mimbanese soldier slowly falls to the ground, dying, while also dropping its own blaster rifle.]

                [Emmett slowly drops his rifle and then looks over to his girlfriend and fellow mudtrooper, Jane.]

                Emmett: You’re safe now, okay? Everything’s fine. That Mimbanese brute is gone now.

                Jane: Thank you.

                Emmett: You’re welcome. Now let’s go find Bistan.

                [Bistan appears from behind a large rock, carrying two stud shooters.]

                Emmett: Bistan, you cowered! Your stud shooters are more powerful than my puny old rifle! Why didn’t you come out of that silly hiding spot when the Mimbanese soldier guerrilla-attacked us both?

                Bistan: [Screeches and roars a few times.]

                Emmett: Right. I only understand English.

                [Captain Kennedy arises from some rubble.]

                Captain Kennedy: Guys, I think my back is injured. It hurts a lot.

                Emmett: Let’s use some vines from that tree over there and let’s cover the wound up with that.

                Captain Kennedy: [Tries to straighten back.] Good idea, Lieutenant Emmett.

                [Nines the Imperial gunner appears behind the same chunk of rubble.]

                Nines: Yay! We’re stranded!

                Emmett: [Sighs.] There he goes again.

                Nines: Yay! Captain Kennedy is severely injured!

                [Nines looks over at the tree.]

                Nines: Yay! We can only heal his wound with some dirty tree vines! Yay! Yay! Yay!

                Title card: THE TROOPERS OF MUD

                (Yes, I just revealed the title! 😛)

                Liked by 1 person

                  1. Might as well make a fake behind-the-scenes featurette while I’m at it…

                    Me: When I was four years old, I saw A New Hope. It was one of the first movies I ever watched in my life, and I’ve had a growing fascination with Star Wars ever since.

                    [My hand is shown moving one of the arms of Captain Kennedy’s minifigure.]

                    Me: Two years ago I got into LEGO. I’m a big fan of LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Marvel Superheroes, but I always had a knack for LEGO Star Wars.

                    [A clip from The Troopers of Mud is shown.]

                    Nines: Yay! A dangerous rebel pilot and his puny astromech showed up! Yay!!!

                    Wedge: You do know you’re saying this in front of me, right?

                    Me: Captain Kennedy is a really interesting character.

                    [A clip from The Troopers of Mud is shown of Captain Kennedy confronting Wedge Antilles after his Y-wing crashes.]

                    Captain Kennedy: During the last few years of the Clone Wars, my family was an ally of the Seperatists. Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker killed my family. And I avenged them by joining the Galactic Empire, you scum.

                    Me: He’s been through a lot, he hates the rebels because of his past, he doesn’t know that Anakin Skywalker is his own master, Darth Vader, he’s super loyal to the Empire, and he’s good friends with Emmett and Nines, though Nines can sometimes annoy the heck outta him.

                    Nines: Yay! Captain Kennedy is severely injured!

                    Captain Kennedy: [Grumbles.]

                    Me: This is a story that I hope may go down in the history of Star Wars fan films, and I’m really proud to be this fan film’s creator. Enjoy the film when it comes out this July.

                    (By the way, all the clips from The Troopers of Mud are actually gonna be in the finished fan film.)

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Okay, so I actually decided to screen the footage so far from my fan film to a private test audience. The test audience actually…were confused and/or were bored for half of the time. So I have to do reshoots for the half of the fan film that my test audience didn’t really like. 😞

                      So…the fan film will be released sometime in August or September, not July, as I originally planned. But, here’s some good news…
                      the trailer is coming soon. 😉

                      Liked by 1 person

    1. [A small explosion happens near the island.]

      Emmett the Mimban-trooper: Oh God. What the hell was that?!

      Captain Kennedy: [Pulls out binoculars.] It’s…it’s a Y-Wing. Y-Wings are rebel ships! It’s those goddamn rebels! Let’s shoot ‘em all!

      [Captain Kennedy, Emmett, Kelley, Bistan and Nines load their guns and run towards the edge of the island, where a Y-Wing Starfighter has crashed and is slowly sinking into the muddy sea of Mimban.]

      [A familiar rebel pilot and a blue-and-white astromech come out of the Y-Wing’s cockpit.]

      Wedge: Imperial dods! R2, watch out!

      Nines: [Tries to shoot R2.]

      R2: [Moves away from the blast Nines just shot.]

      Emmett: REBEL SCUM!

      [Shoots several times at Emmett.]

      Emmett: [Falls to the ground due to his wounds.]

      Bistan: GROWWWWWWWL! [Scratches Wedge across the chest.]

      Wedge: OW! [Shoots Bistan in the crotch.]

      Wedge: [Falls onto the floor also.]

      Bistan: Ow.


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