75210 Moloch’s Landspeeder Review!

Hey guys! I know I haven’t done these in a while, but today I have a review of a Solo set! This is 75210 Moloch’s Landspeeder, which retails for £44.99 (UK), $39.99 (U.S.), $69.99 (Aus), and $89.99 (NZ). It has 464 pieces. Let’s check it out! The first minifigure is… wait for it… Moloch! Wow, so shocking. Moloch is, according to the LEGO description, a gang leader. This minifigure has an interesting new head mold that has prints on many different edges. The back has some molded detail, looking kind of like a spring or a millipede. It’s a one-off head mold, but looks pretty nice. Moloch wears gunmetal grey robes. He has nice printed detail which continues on from the torso to the new robe piece which he has instead of legs. There are two nice parts about this new robe piece – it’s regular minifigure height and there’s print on the back. That said, the piece is a little bit light so minifigures are slightly prone to falling over. Moloch is armed with a blaster pistol and an interesting-looking staff.

Fun fact: In the Bible, there is a Canaanite god who is also called Moloch. However, he kind of demanded child sacrifice… hopefully this Star Wars Moloch is a lot nicer.The second minifigure is Rebolt. He looks like he might be from Moloch’s gang. He wears a gunmetal grey outfit which is very dirty – I wonder what type of dirt it is exactly. Rebolt has a double-sided head which looks good, and he wears a tan hat which is recolored from Pao’s (in 75156). Rebolt’s accessory is a neat black whip. Last up, there are two Corellian hounds included. A hound was also included in 75209 Han Solo’s Landspeeder. These are pretty small molds – their legs only span two studs – and they have nice printed and molded detail. They look ugly, but I think that’s kind of the point, so that’s good. The minifigures included in this set are nice, but only two proper minifigures is very lame – it doesn’t even look like either of them will be main characters, as the main villains of Solo will be Dryden Vos and Enfys Nest (neither of them have appeared in a set yet, though Enfys Nest will appear in a summer Solo set). Kind of a bad minifigure selection overall, especially for the price. There’s one build in the set, and it is Moloch’s Landspeeder. It’s basically a large rounded grey box, though in the flesh it’s slightly smaller than I anticipated.

We’ve seen the speeder pursuing Han’s Speeder in the trailers (along with a Imperial Patrol Speeder) and from what I can tell, it looks decently accurate. There are a couple of inaccuracies which I’ll mention later.Moloch can be placed inside the speeder. The speeder itself has a nice combination of light grey, dark grey, and dark tan, giving it a natural and messy look. There’s pretty good detailing all around. Like Han Solo’s Landspeeder, if you flip Moloch’s speeder upside-down, you can see some wheels at the bottom. This allows the speeder to drive along and make it look like it is hovering, but since there are no tires the speeder can move side-to-side too in a true hover fashion.The speeder has two different rollcages that are built in almost the same way. They can both be flipped up (no friction, only gravity keeps them down). The one on the far side has Moloch’s seat, while the one on this side (in this photo) stores the two Corellian houndsThe front of the vehicle looks pretty neat in my opinion. There are a couple of bars on one side along with a very noticeable rapid stud shooter. There’s a Technic disk on the side which you can turn to launch off the 1×1 translucent lime green studs, but the disk is pretty thin and slippery so it’s kind of tricky to shoot the studs. You can leave the studs off if you don’t like them and it looks fine, though I don’t mind the studs. Swivel to the back of the speeder, and there’s an opening hatch. Inside the hatch is a little mini build which I’ll talk about later. The hatch itself has a clip for Moloch’s staff, which is handy, though unfortunately there’s no space to store his pistol. The engines are shaped nicely but the mudguard pieces used are a little too wide honestly, and the engine glow should be blue and not orange – this is probably one of the biggest inaccuracies in the set. The mini build is a little feeding trough which can be used to feed the Corellian hounds. There are a couple of bones clipped on the side as well as a brown bucket – I suppose the bucket can be used as a bowl of sorts. I guess if you want you can clip Moloch’s blaster here too.

Moloch’s Landspeeder makes a good companion set to Han’s Landspeeder, but other than that, that is it for the set.

On the whole, I enjoyed this set less than I expected. The build looks good but playability is limited without an opposing faction in the set. The minifigure selection is weak and the price is definitely too high – £29.99 (UK), $29.99 (U.S.), $44.99 (Aus), and $59.99 (NZ) would be a much better price.

  • Builds: 4/5
  • Minifigures: 2.5/5
  • Playability: 3/5
  • Price: 2.5/5
  • Personal Rating: 3/5
  • TOTAL: 3.0/5

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


8 thoughts on “75210 Moloch’s Landspeeder Review!

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      1. Here’s my dream Solo set:

        75998 Raid on Kessel

        Minifigures: Han (Guard Disguise), Chewie (Slave Disguise), Other Wookie, Qi’ra (Kessel Disguise), Beckett (Kessel Disguise), L3-37, Lando (without cape and with new face with mourning alternate expression for when L3 gets killed), Quay Tolsite, at least one or two Kessel droids, and 2 Regular Kessel Guards

        Build: Kessel Mines.

        Interiors: The room where Qi’ra kicks Quay Tolsite’s butt, the room where L3 starts the droid revolution, and the slave area where Han and Chewie encounter that other Wookiee.

        Side builds: A scaled down Kessel Run Millennium Falcon, I don’t want to make this too big of a set so I’ll decide the mini Falcon will be a little larger than microfighter size. Sorry if that bothers you.

        Set Description: Make one of the most thrilling battle scenes from Solo: A Star Wars Story come to live in LEGO form. Make Chewie and Han get the canisters of coaxium while Qi’ra and L3 “take care” of Quay Tolsite! Also, see Beckett use his blazing twin guns on the Kessel Guards! Use the mini Millennium Falcon to fly around Kessel and shoot down a bunch of random things! Or use your own imagination to put a funny twist to the story!

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  1. After the Mimban LEGO Star Wars fan film, I’m gonna do another Star Wars fan film. Currently, I’m stuck between these two choices: a LEGO Obi-Wan Kenobi fan film, or a LEGO Darth Vader fan film. Which would you prefer?

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