10261 Creator Expert Rollercoaster Pre-Review!

Hey everyone! 10261 Roller Coaster, the latest addition to the Creator Expert subtheme, was revealed a while back, and today I’ll be doing a pre-review of the set! This set will retail for £299.99 (UK), $379.99 (U.S.), $499.99 (Aus), and $599.99 (NZ). Here’s the first five minifigures.

  • The guy on the left is one of the amusement park employees. He wears blue pants and a yellow shirt – personally I’m not a fan of yellow shirts since I think they look weird on LEGO minifigs, but whatever. He has a normal head and spiky brown hair.
  • The second person is a lady, another amusement park employee. She has the same torso and legs as the previous employee, and wears pink-rimmed sunglasses. She has thick brown hair which was previously used for Dana Barrett in 75827 Firehouse Headquarters.
  • The third minifigure is, based on the official images, the one who sells candy floss. She has a new blonde hairpiece which also appears in grey in 60202 People Pack – Outdoor Adventures. I believe her torso print is new, and she has nice light blue pants.
  • The fourth guy is one of the rollercoaster riders. He wears sunglasses and has a blue sweater. I believe he does not have an alternate face.
  • Last but not least is the lady on the right. She wears a green jacket over a white shirt and has short blonde hair. I think she also does not have an alternate face.

Here are the rest of the minifigures in the set.

  • The guy on the left is one of the rollercoaster riders too. He has Finn‘s hairpiece and wears a nice classic spaceman torso print. His head is double-sided and I think it is new – it has a smile on one side and a frightened expression on the other.
  • The second guy is another rollercoaster rider. He wears a grey sweater over a dark red shirt, and has dark brown hair. His head is double-sided: one side shows a happy face, the other side makes him look like he’s about to throw up! Uh-oh. I hope I’m not sitting in front of him.
  • The third minifigure is a little girl. I believe her torso print is new, and she has short black hair. Her face is double-sided, with a smile on one side and a disappointed frown on the other side, presumably since she cannot ride the rollercoaster.
  • The fourth figure is another rollercoaster rider. She wears a light blue hoodie and has dark orange hair, along with a double-sided head (slight smile and scared).
  • The fifth minifigure is an old man, and official images seem to suggest he is the little girl’s grandpa. He has Grand Moff Tarkin‘s hairpiece and wears a tan knitted sweater. His head is double-sided (smiling and scared) but I can’t quite tell if it’s new or old – I think it’s new but I feel like I’ve seen it before. I dunno.
  • Last up is an old lady. She wears a white version of Vice Admiral Holdo‘s hair and wears a pink vest. I think her head is Misako‘s head. Official images seem to suggest she is the one selling juice.

Now let’s move on to the builds in the set. The main one is the rollercoaster but there are some small ones included too. The first one is a juice bar. It has a light yellow and white color combination, along with a stickered 2×4 tile which says “Juice”. The top of the juice bar has a couple of fruits made from the new leaf pieces and LEGO spheres. The juice bar itself has a blender with some fruits in it, as well as two drinks.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely would not be smiling this happily if I was paying $100 for juice! Sheesh. There’s a map of the park included. It shows the rollercoaster along with two previous LEGO Creator Expert fairground sets (10257 Carousel and 10247 Ferris Wheel), though interestingly 10244 Fairground Mixer is not shown.

While not immediately apparent, the relatively new 1×2 rounded plate with hollow studs is used here in tan just above the stickered map panel, and it currently appears in only two other setsA dark blue bench is included for park-goers to sit down and take a rest, and on the right you can see the cotton candy machine. The cart has a nice translucent pink umbrella piece, and has two sticks of cotton candy. The cotton candy itself ingeniously reuses the beehive piece new for 2018 (in sets like 60175 Mountain River Heist) in pink with a minifigure head added to fill up the hole, and I think it’s pretty effective! There’s also a couple of clear wheels, a stickered 2×3 tile, and a clear dome piece over the cotton candy-making machine. The grandpa is buying the cotton candy for his granddaughter.

At the bottom left corner of the rollercoaster layout is the ticket stand. There are printed 1×2 tiles with ticket designs on them. However, if you swivel around to the other side, it is the place where the amusement park sells the photos taken mid-ride by the camera (which is a nice thing as many rollercoasters do have cameras somewhere along the track). There are a few stickered 1×2 tiles with photos on them, though again these photos cost $100 each 😤 The minifigures look more than happy to pay for them, though.

The photos themselves are interesting – one of them is the sunglasses guy looking perfectly normal, the second one is the blue-sweater lady looking scared, and the last one is the grey-sweater guy throwing up, but his face has been partially obscured by a seagull! A LEGO seagull has been included in this set to replicate that moment.

(Seagulls… Hmm! Stop it now!)    There’s a height chart included too. This girl is being sneaky and standing on the tickets to reach her desired height! Okay, now on to the rollercoaster itself. It notably uses the new rollercoaster track pieces introduced for 70922 The Joker Manor, but in red. Brickset user ‘voidstar’ has stated that it looks like the tracks are:

  • 3x straight long
  • 6x straight short
  • 12x curve
  • 8x short drop
  • 4x tall drop upper
  • 4x tall drop lower
  • 7x tall drop middle

This may be helpful if you wish to plan your own rollercoaster MOC. The rollercoaster has a big sign in the middle. It uses brick-built lettering to say “COASTER”. The ‘S’ is dark blue and represents the rollercoaster track – it even has three golden rollerskates on it to represent the rollercoaster itself! There’s one portion of the build which has a tan platform. This is where the riders get on. There are three lines (since there are three cars) and the lady employee has a stick to measure their height. Well, because the girl cheated at first, now she’s even more disappointed as she still can’t ride. Life lesson: don’t bother cheating, it always comes back to bite you in the end. 🙂 The rollercoaster cars themselves seat one and use the relatively new bumper piece as the safety bar. There’s a light blue set and a dark blue set included, and you can swap them around by rearranging the track. Here’s the controls for the track. I’m not too sure which one exactly does what, but one of them likely moves the chain, one releases the brake, and one… switches the cars around? This portion can be motorized so you can motorize your rollercoaster with Power Functions or LEGO Boost. The cars go up the steep slope thanks to a chain underneath that lifts them up. It’s pretty ingenious if you ask me and I never thought I’d see a mechanism like this in a LEGO set.

The top of the rollercoaster has a bunch of wheels and gears – I’m not sure what they’re for, however.One last thing – as the rollercoaster speeds down the steepest slope, there’s a camera build right there waiting to take all the hilarious faces.

All that’s left is running the rollercoaster again and again and acting out various play scenarios!

So that’s the set! I think it’s absolutely phenomenal and I love all the details and possible play scenarios. The track itself is also, obviously, fantastic – the only thing missing is a loop-the-loop but there might not have been enough speed in the rollercoaster for it to successfully go through the loop-the-loop. I think the price is fine, except in the U.S. where I think it’s a bit too expensive.

Well, thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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  1. This set did not interest me at all, until I read this preview. Winches! Upgradable with Power Functions!

    I want this set so bad now. damn it VaderFan2187!

    I might have to convince the kids that they want it.

    Liked by 1 person

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