Two new Solo: A Star Wars Story minifigures leaked!

Hey guys! Today two new LEGO minifigures for the upcoming Solo anthology movie were leaked! These will come in the summer sets, which I will describe below. 

LEGO Enfys Nest Minifigure Leak
Enfys Nest, one of the main antagonists.
Enfys Nest in the Solo trailer.
Gang Member. I don’t know if we’ve seen this dude in the trailers so far, he seems like just a generic baddie, probably from Enfys Nest’s Cloud Riders gang. 

So based on the rumors swirling around right now, it seems like we will be getting three Solo sets in the summer wave. The first summer set has been described as “a pair of dark tan speeders”. This is the set that comes with Enfys Nest and presumably the other gangster. My guess is it will cost around $30 USD, and come with bikes for Enfys Nest and the gangster, along with one protagonist for them to chase.

The second set is the Cargo Shuttle that Han Solo pilots (unless it’s misdirection). I’m not too sure about any other info surrounding this set, though.

The final set is the Conveyex Train, which is where the heist in the trailer takes place. Apparently only one train car is included, so I’m a bit dubious as to how that will look. Presumably this will interact with the shuttle set – maybe you can use the shuttle to lift away the cargo. I’m hoping this set will give us a regular Tobias Beckett minifigure since we only got a disguised one in 75211 Imperial TIE Fighter.

Okay, thanks for reading! Let me know about what you think about all the info in the comments section below 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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