Summer 2018 DC Superheroes Sets Revealed!

Hey guys! The 2018 LEGO DC Superheroes sets have been revealed! 

78112 App-Controlled BatmobileThis set contains 321 pieces and costs… wait for it…….. $159.99 USD. Yes, you read that right. No, it is not a typo.

It uses the new Power Functions 2.0 system, and can be controlled from your tablet. I personally think this looks bad, and the price is unbelievably high, taking expensive to a whole new level. Sheesh.

76116 Brother Eye TakedownThis set has 269 pieces and will retail for $29.99 USD. It has Batman, Batwoman, and OMAC. There are new Batarang pieces but I feel like they are an unsuccessful attempt to mimic the Power Bursts for Batman. The builds don’t interest me either.

76100 Batman: Attack of the TalonsThis is a smaller set, with 155 pieces and a retail price of $19.99 USD. It comes with Batman, Ace the Bat-Hound, and two of the Talons. It has the new Batarangs in gold, but I don’t like the builds.

Thanks for looking! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


9 thoughts on “Summer 2018 DC Superheroes Sets Revealed!

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  1. Don’t care about any of these sets. Really hoping the batmobile price is some big troll as I’m pretty excited about new powerfunctions. But I wouldn’t pay $160 AU for that, let alone US dollars.

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