76097 Lex Luthor Mech Takedown Review!

Hi guys! Sorry about not posting yesterday. Anyway, today I have a review of a 2018 LEGO DC Superheroes set. This is 76097 Lex Luthor Mech Takedown, which released at the start of the year for £34.99 (UK), $39.99 (U.S.), $59.99 (Aus), and $69.99 (NZ). It has 416 pieces and 5 minifigures, bearing some resemblance to 76103 The Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack. Let’s give it a closer look! The first minifigure in the set is Batman. This is his Rebirth outfit, and is thus light grey. I think the light grey is accurate but looks a bit too bright for Batman without his cape. He comes with his black cowl and has a printed face previously used for the DCEU Batman in 76086 and 76087, but I don’t like how the skin tone has been printed — it’s much too dark. Batman is armed with a black Batarang. The second minifigure is Wonder Woman. Apart from her torso print, she is made up of completely reused parts. Her hairpiece with printed tiara piece looks quite nice but has been in use since 2012. Her head print was previously used on a book exclusive Wonder Woman, with a smile and grimace. Her legs were previously used on the DCEU Wonder Woman minifigure in 76075 Wonder Woman Warrior Battle, but they are fairly detailed. On the whole she’s fine and is the most detailed minifigure in the set, but it does feel a bit mish-mash to me. Her accessory is her golden lasso, though translucent orange Power Burst pieces are also included that she can wieldThe third minifigure is the superhero known as Firestorm. I’m not sure which version this is based on – let me know in the comments below! I like the dual-molded head piece reused from Ghost Rider, but his torso print is pretty plain and his legs are unprinted, so he looks quite plain overall. His accessories are the translucent orange Power Burst pieces, which can be used to create fire effects for him. The first antagonist of the set is Lex Luthor. He has a bald head which has been used on many minifigures already, and frankly I’m kind of tired of it. His outfit is green and purple which is the colors of Lex Luthor but it is kind of an eyesore if you ask me, and his unprinted legs are kind of ugly. The set comes with the translucent green Energy Infuser element (the red one appears in 76096 while the blue one appears in 76098). I’ll talk about how they come into play later. The final minifigure is Cheetah. Her skin tone is flame yellowish orange and she has a dark orange hairpiece. Her head is double-sided, with a devious grin and an angry expression. Her head and torso prints are not bad, but I would have liked a more interesting leg piece, especially one with prints. She also comes with a flame yellowish orange tail piece and a dark brown spear. Overall the minifigure selection is not bad – they all have individual faults but 5 minifigures in a set of this size is good. I just wish they were more detailed. Oh, and as previously mentioned, you get a set of translucent orange Power Burst pieces. Here’s the full assortment: one big ‘splat’, one medium ‘splat’, two twirly sticks, two big blasts, two small blasts, and two handheld power pieces. The only other set that these appear in at the time of writing is the far-larger 76108 The Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown.On to the builds! The smaller one of the two included is this jetpack (or bat-jetpack? bat-pack?) for Batman. It’s brick-built and bat-shaped overall, and I think it looks good. Batman attaches to it via a clear neck brace with two studs. There are a couple of stickered inverted 2×2 tiles for added detail, along with a pair of stud shooters at the top (behind Batman’s head) that fire off silver studs.The wings can hinge forward and back via click hinges, and there are a couple of engines at the back that you can attach the Power Bursts to. It’s not a particularly complex build but it is convincing and it does the job. The main build in the set, though, is of course Lex Luthor’s mech. It has a green and purple color scheme which I get is Lex’s color scheme but I personally think it is such an eyesore – the gold highlights don’t help either. There are several joints throughout the model – two ankle joints, two hip joints, two wrist joints, and two shoulder joints. The mech has been built in a way that it is pretty stable and thus is pretty fun to play with – you can get it into a number of poses! There’s a cockpit for one in the middle. It has an opening translucent brown helicopter windscreen piece, which normally is really gappy (like on 75178 Jakku Quadjumper) but here LEGO has used a couple of purple Nexo Knights windscreens which close up the gaps very well! Lex Luthor sits on an angled SNOT (Studs Not OTop) bracket and gets two levers for controls, as well as a stickered 2×4 tile for a backrest. There are also a couple of guns clipped on on either side.The mech has a couple of brick-built thrusters and a rapid stud shooter at the top, along with a giant axe-like weapon that can be swung around to cause destruction. The weapon is attached via a Technic axle connection so is secure and won’t drop out, even if you splay out the fingers. The axe blade itself is attached with an interesting angle connection, and there are a couple of stickered Technic disks for added detail.

There are three clips on the model (two flanking the cockpit, one behind the axe) that can be used to attach the Energy Infusers from all three sets. The cockpit of the mech can be detached as an escape pod. The set description suggests you hinge down the side purple panels to form wings or something, but I think it looks kind of weird and I prefer it as a simple escape pod. What’s left of the mech is not much, but I appreciate the escape pod feature.

One last feature — the Kryptonite prison for Superman from 76096 Superman and Krypto Team-Up can be attached to the back of the Lex mech. The back of the mech is pretty flat otherwise, but I think it looks a bit awkward with the prison attached too. I feel like despite some shortcomings, the set is pretty fun to play with on the whole.

That is it for the set! I think the minifigure selection is not bad, though I really wish they were more detailed. The build is not bad and pretty good fun to play with, but the color scheme is kind of ugly. The price feels slightly high but it’s not outrageous.

  • Builds: 3.5/5
  • Minifigures: 4/5
  • Playability: 4.5/5
  • Price: 3.5/5
  • Personal Rating: 3.5/5
  • TOTAL: 3.8/5

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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