COMPARISON: Microfighter VS Regular Sets! [1]

Hi everyone! Today I’m beginning a new series where I will compare the LEGO Star Wars Microfighters against the regular LEGO versions of those ships! This is part 1, and I will compare the Series 1 Microfighters, which were released in 2014. 

#1. Clone Turbo TankThe first microfighter in the series is 75028 Clone Turbo Tank. It has 96 pieces and came with a plain Phase II Clone Trooper. I will compare the ships to their most recent releases. This one is 75151 Clone Turbo Tank, which I have previously reviewed. I think the microfighter model did pretty well, capturing the overall shape and details well. There are even dark red highlights on both models!

#2. AAT The second microfighter is the AAT, short for Armored Assault Tank. 75029 AAT had 95 pieces and a pilot battle droid minifigure. The last proper LEGO AAT set was in 2015, 75080. The overall idea is captured in the LEGO microfighter version but the proportions are pretty off, in particular the round armor area at the front. Still, I think it is forgivable.

#3. Millennium Falcon The third microfighter is 75030 Millennium Falcon. It had 94 pieces and a Han Solo minifigure. In comparison to 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon, the overall shape is replicated but obviously you won’t be able to get the level of detail. The only main inaccuracy is the cockpit area on the microfighter, as it’s very out-of-proportion. However, that was needed to give a seat for Han.

#4. TIE Interceptor The fourth microfighter on the list is 75031 TIE Interceptor, with 92 pieces and a TIE Pilot minifigure. However, the last minifigure-scaled LEGO TIE Interceptor was released in 2006, so I don’t think it’s really worth of a comparison. Hmmm. LEGO, you should update this.

#5. X-wing Starfighter Fifth is the iconic ship known as the X-wing Starfighter. Set 75032 had 97 pieces and an exclusive X-wing Pilot minifigure. The set of comparison is the recently-revealed 75218 X-wing Starfighter. I think the microfighter set got the color scheme very similar (white, light grey, and dark red with touches of tan), though the proportions are very significantly off on the microfighter. It’s a lot more chibi, with short stubby wings and huge engines.

#6. Star Destroyer While the X-wing and Millennium Falcon are arguably more iconic, the Star Destroyer is still very iconic and had a striking first appearance, sharing an opening scene with the Tantive IV. The final microfighter set from Series 1 is 75033 Star Destroyer, with 97 pieces and one minifigure – an Imperial Crew. 75055 Star Destroyer ExteriorThe set I will compare the set with is 75055 Star Destroyer, released in 2014 and also reviewed by me before (and even modified). I think the microfighter was fairly efficient with its use of parts, managing to create an iconic triangular shape. Due to the size restrictions it was not able to create an angled upper body, but did create layering with plates. The bridge is also replicated decently on the mini model in relation to the full-size model, though the flick-fire missiles are completely out-of-place.

75032 vs 75218That’s it for the Microfighter vs Regular Sets comparison for Series 1! I hope you enjoyed this post – check back in tomorrow for more! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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