COMPARISON: Microfighter VS Regular Sets! [2]

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be continuing my Microfighter vs Regular Sets series with Series 2 of the LEGO Star Wars Microfighters line! Six sets were released as part of Series 2 in 2015. 

#1. ARC-170 Starfighter The first set in the Series 2 line up is 75072 ARC-170. It came with a Clone Pilot minifigure and had 95 pieces. I’ve reviewed this set before, and you can read the review here.There have only been two minifigure-scaled LEGO ARC-170 sets ever released, and the most recent one was in 2010 – pretty long time ago. On the whole I think LEGO got the style of the ARC-170 right with their microfighter version, though aspects of it are rather stubby and chibi on purpose like the nose section or the cockpits.

#2. Vulture Droid The second set is 75073 Vulture Droid, with a Pilot Battle Droid as its figure and 77 pieces. I’ve reviewed it before too. Once again there have not been too many LEGO Vulture Droids released before, and the most recent one was released in 2014, set 75041. As you can probably tell the microfighter and regular ships are pretty different, even with changes to the color scheme! The microfighter Vulture Droid also looks a lot more bulbous and stubby. It is, however, pleasing that both models can be reconfigured into their walking poses, an interesting feature of the in-universe Vulture Droid.

#3. Snowspeeder Next up on the list is 75074 Snowspeeder, which came with a Rebel Pilot and a piece count of 97. There have been many LEGO Snowspeeders released throughout the years (and even two UCS versions) but the most recent minifigure-scaled Snowspeeder appeared in 2016 as part of 75098 Assault on Hoth. I think the LEGO microfighter version did a pretty decent job of replicating the snowspeeder’s challenging shape, though certain details like the engines and cannons are of course in the wrong scale.

#4. AT-AT 75075_alt2One of the most iconic vehicles from Episode V is the AT-AT, which stomped its way towards the rebel base at the start of the film. 75075 AT-AT sought to replicate this vehicle, with 88 pieces and an AT-AT Driver as its minifigure. You can check out my review of the set hereThe most recent proper LEGO AT-AT was in 2014 – 75054 AT-AT. The microfighter version of this walker looks very stubby in comparison and the proportions are very inaccurate, but I think that is part of the allure of the mini model in this case as it looks like a cute animal.

#5. Republic Gunship The third prequel trilogy-related set in Series 2 (and the fifth set in the lineup) is 75076 Republic Gunship. It came with 105 pieces and a Phase I Clone Pilot minifigure. Here’s the full size LEGO Republic Gunship, set 75021, which was released in 2013. You can see the color scheme has been preserved, with white and dark red as the primary colors along with lime green at the nose. However, once again the microfighter version is a lot stubbier and fatter, which is to be expected given the microfighter design.

#6. Homing Spider Droid  Rounding out Series 2 of the microfighters line was 75077 Homing Spider Droid, with 102 pieces and a Geonosian Battle Droid as its pilot. 75142_alt2The most recent LEGO Homing Spider Droid was the (lacklustre) 75142 – read my review of the set here. I think the microfighter model was okay in comparison – the central body is too big and should be rounder and less angular, though admittedly that is a challenge for the designers. The poseability of the microfighter model is also much more limited, though that is also kind of understandable.

75076 vs 75021Well, that’s it for round two of Microfighter vs Regular Sets! Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂 Check back tomorrow for more!

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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