COMPARISON: Microfighter VS Regular Sets! [3]

Hey everybody! The Microfighter vs Regular Sets series continues, this time with Series 3! Six sets from Disney-created Star Wars properties were released under the Series 3 subtheme in 2016. 

#1. T-70 X-wing Starfighter Few Star Wars ships are more iconic than the X-wing, and the famous starfighter got an update in The Force Awakens. LEGO made a microfighter version of the ship with set 75125, with a piece count of 87 and a Snap Wexley pilot minifigure. 75149_alt2The last LEGO T-70 Resistance X-wing Starfighter was set 75149 – read my review of the set here. The color schemes of the two are very similar, but the difference in proportions is incredibly striking – the full-size LEGO one is long, thin, and sleek, while the microfighter version is much fatter and chunkier.

#2. First Order Snowspeeder While we already had a Snowspeeder in Series 2, this is the First Order version, with a very different look and had a brief appearance in The Force Awakens. This is set 75216, with 91 pieces and a First Order Snowtrooper. 75100There’s only one First Order Snowspeeder released by LEGO so far, set 75100. You can read my review of the set here. I think LEGO actually did the microfighter version very well, in part due to the overall shape of the ship. The engines on the microfighter model can even spin, just like the rapid stud shooters on the full-size model!

#3. The Ghost 75127_alt3The third set from Series 3 is The Ghost, the main ship from Star Wars Rebels. This set came with 104 pieces and a Hera Syndulla pilot minifigure. I’ve reviewed this set before too. 75053 The GhostThe Ghost itself has only had one full-size LEGO model ever released, set 75053 — read my review of it here. Once again I think LEGO actually did really well with the proportions overall, though the second cockpit has been replaced with a stud shooter and the bubble turret at the top has been replaced with a seat for Hera on the microfighter version. Also, the rear engines are oversized, but other than that it’s not bad.

#4. TIE Advanced Prototype 75128_alt2Opposing the Ghost is 75128 TIE Advanced Prototype, with a Rebels-styled TIE Fighter Pilot and a piece count of 93. 75082_alt2LEGO has only made one proper TIE Advanced Prototype before, as the ship has only appeared in Star Wars Rebels. The set is set 75082, and I’ve reviewed it before. However, the differences between both models is pretty stark, due in no small part to the fact that the microfighter version’s cockpit is incredible oversized. The microfighter is also a lot bulkier and stubbier than the regular version.

#5. Wookiee Gunship Another Star Wars Rebels ship is the Wookiee Gunship, set 75129. It had 84 pieces and a Wookiee Warrior minifigure. Once again, there has only been one proper LEGO Wookiee Gunship set made so far, given its lack of prominence in the show. The microfighter’s wings are interestingly longer (proportionally) than the regular one, and it also ditches one of the dual cockpits to fit in a space for the Wookiee Warrior. Interesting to note is that the main fin at the back is tan on the regular model, but grey on the microfighter.

#6. AT-DP The final microfighter of Series 3 is the Imperial Walker from Star Wars Rebels, the AT-DP. It only has 76 pieces and comes with an AT-DP Pilot as its minifigure. As seems to be true for all of Series 3, there has only been one regular version of the microfighter set made – in this case, 75083 AT-DP. A quick comparison between both models will tell you that the proportions are incredibly off, especially around the cockpit area. However, one advantage that the microfighter has is that it is significantly more poseable than the full-size model.

75126 vs 75100Well, that’s it for Round 3 of the Microfighter vs Regular Sets theme! Tomorrow I’ll do Series 4, the Rogue One line, so be sure to tune in!

Feel free to comment below 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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