COMPARISON: Microfighter VS Regular Sets! [4]

Hey everybody! Today I have Part 4 of my Microfighter vs Regular Set series. Today we’ll be taking a look at the Series 4, the Rogue One line. You can read my review of all four sets here

#1. U-wing One of the new Rebel ships introduced in Rogue One was the U-wing. It was a ship I liked quite a lot. The microfighter version of the ship, set 75160, had 109 pieces and a Rebel U-wing Pilot with an exclusive dual-molded (or even triple? I’m not sure) helmet. 75155_alt4LEGO has only done one full-sized LEGO U-wing before, but that’s understandable given the pretty low number of Rogue One sets released so far. I’ve reviewed 75155 Rebel U-wing Fighter before – you can check out the review here. I feel like the microfighter is pretty different from the full-size version, and the proportions overall are quite poor.

Well, both versions do include the ability to hinge the wings back, so there is that.

#2. TIE Striker A new style of TIE is introduced in many of the Star Wars movies, and the one introduced in Rogue One was the TIE Striker, special TIEs deployed on Scarif. 75161 TIE Striker had a piece count of 88 and a TIE Fighter Pilot minifigure. The full-size TIE Striker, set 75154, is once again very different visually. The microfighter’s wings are a lot shorter and the body is far larger and chunkier, which kind of fits the microfighter style but is a bit too extreme for me in this particular example. Well, once again you can hinge up both of the wings, which is an accurate (though not seen much in the film) feature.

#3. Y-wing Starfighter The Y-wing Starfighter is an iconic ship from Star Wars, first appearing in A New Hope. 75162 gave us our first-ever Y-wing Starfighter microfighter, that had 90 pieces and a Rebel Pilot minifigure. 75172_alt2The most recent normal Y-wing Starfighter LEGO set (not counting the UCS version) was the fantastic set 75172, which I have previously reviewed. While the proportions are very different, I think the microfighter model did a great job of creating a cute, chibi version of the famous craft, whilst still preserving all the important details like the engine nacelles.

#4. Krennic’s Shuttle Krennic’s sleek black Imperial Shuttle has a striking appearance in the opening of Rogue One, though it was used by the officer throughout the course of the movie. 75163 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle had a pretty low piece count of 78 and came with an Imperial Crew as its minifigure.75156_alt21The full-size Krennic’s Shuttle appeared in set 75156 – you can read my review of the set here. I think the huge wingspan of the full-size version is not reflected in the microfighter version, which has a far larger central body and stubbier wings. I also think the triangular shape of the central body is a bit awkwardly represented on the microfighter and the full-size version did a far better job at the body’s shaping (at the sacrifice of the interior).Both ships can have their wings folded up (just like in the movie) but I think the microfighter version looks horrible in this landing mode, due to the strange proportions and ugly dark grey plate on the wings’ undersides.

75163 vs 75156That concludes Part 4 of my Microfighters vs Regular Sets series! Tomorrow we’ll have the final part – Series 5 – so stay tuned for that! And as always, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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