60191 Arctic Exploration Team Review!

Hey everybody! Today I have a review of a LEGO City set – 60191 Arctic Exploration Team! This is the equivalent of a starter pack, like 60184 Mining Team and 60171 Mountain Fugitives, but for the new LEGO City Arctic subtheme. I liked the previous 2014 Arctic subtheme, so hopefully this new subtheme can impress. This 70-piece set retails for £9.99 (UK), $9.99 (U.S.), $15.99 (Aus), and $19.99 (NZ). There are three minifigures included in the set, which is a little disappointing as most LEGO City starter packs include four. A husky is also included but some previous starter packs have included both four minifigures and an animal mold.

  • The husky mold is nice. It’s not a particularly common piece and has a very nice marbled white and grey color scheme which looks good. It’s a cute mold, albeit a small one.
  • Next up is the snowmobile driver. He wears the relatively recent motorcross helmet piece recolored in dark azure, with a white visor. I think this looks good and I like the recolor. His torso has some outer jacket printing which looks good, though I’m personally not a huge fan of the split dark blue/flame yellowish orange color on the torso. No accessories for him.
  • The second minifigure is an arctic explorer. She wears a nice dark azure-colored beanie and her face print shows her wearing blue goggles. Her torso print looks good too and I think the unprinted legs are fine. She comes with a chainsaw, which will play a part later.
  • The final minifigure is the arctic photography, and I think this is the best minifigure in the set. He’s not exclusive, but his only other appearance so far is in the larger set 60194 Arctic Scout Truck, so this is a more affordable way to get him. He has a sweet new mold for his ushanka hat that is dual-molded – red and tan. I think this hat mold looks nice and his torso looks good too, though I think the blue gloves are kind of ugly. He has a pair of flame yellowish orange snowshoes (new in this color for 2018) and a black camera.

Now, on to the builds in the set. There are two included. The larger of the two builds is this snowmobile. It has an orange, dark azure, and dark blue color scheme which matches the minifigures and the other builds in the 2018 LEGO Arctic line. The 2×2 curved slope is printed (no stickers in this set) and has the new LEGO Arctic logo on it, which bears some resemblance to the 2014 logo. The windscreen is formed from a couple of translucent light blue slopes. The snowmobile has a couple of dark blue skis at the front and some treads at the back represented by 1×3 Technic beams. I like the skis but I don’t think the Technic beams look particularly convincing. The snowmobile tows along a trailer (attached with a towball). I like how the skis on the trailer are formed by two car spoiler pieces in dark blue. The trailer has a couple of clips for accessories and a 2×2 crate at the back which can be used for storing more important stuff.

The trailer can also sit two people, which is nice. However, I do feel it’s a little bit plain and a build that’s not a snowmobile might’ve been more interesting. The smaller sidebuild is a location build, a simple 13-piece snow mound. It has a 1x2x2 translucent light blue panel piece to represent some ice, and behind the panel is a space to put the included 1×1 translucent light blue round brick. The round brick is printed with a nice design to show a frozen insect (I’m assuming it’s a dragonfly?). This piece appears in two other sets – one is the aforementioned 60194 but the other is a smaller polybag, so I think a different design in either this set or the polybag would have been nice. You can put the ice block with insect inside the snow cave, and use the explorer’s saw to cut off the ice panel and take the ice block out.

You can then put the ice block in the 2×2 crate and drive away with it on the snowmobile – a simple but fun play scenario.

All in all, this is a good little set. The minifigures are not bad even though I would have liked one more, and the builds are okay (though a bit plain/simple). Playability is fine – I like the suggested story but it can get a bit old after a while if this is the only LEGO Arctic set you have. The price is perfectly fine too.

  • Builds: 3/5
  • Minifigures: 4/5
  • Playability: 3.5/5
  • Price: 4/5
  • Personal Rating: 3.5/5
  • TOTAL: 3.6/5

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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