LEGO Solo: A Star Wars Story Collectable Minifigure Series Idea!

Hi guys! Today I’m going to do a new type of post – I’ll be giving my ideas for a Collectable Minifigure (or CMF) series for Solo: A Star Wars Story! This CMF series will take only the original Solo LEGO set wave in mind, generally ignoring the upcoming summer Solo sets (as they have not been officially revealed yet). With that in mind, let’s jump in! 

#1. Han Solo

Wouldn’t be a Solo CMF series without Han Solo himself. We have already gotten a regular Han Solo minifigure in 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon, but then we did get a repeat of Lloyd and Master Wu in the LEGO Ninjago Movie CMF series so I guess it’s fine (he’s the only straight-up, unmodified release in this series). He would have his blaster pistol as his accessory, along with a crate with coaxium inside.

#2. Han Solo (Vandor Outfit)

This would be the second Han Solo minifigure in the series. He would be wearing his brown fur coat that he wore in the Vandor coaxium heist scene, and his hairpiece would be dual-molded with goggles attached. For accessories, he would just have his blaster pistol.

#3. Chewbacca (Vandor)

The third minifigure is Chewbacca’s only appearance in this CMF series. This is basically normal Chewbacca but with his goggles molded on, based on his appearance in the Vandor Conveyex heist. His accessory would be a black blaster rifle.

#4. Qi’Ra (Yacht)

Next up we move on to Qi’Ra. The first Qi’Ra minifigure would be the outfit she wears at Vos’ yacht. She would have a new dark brown hairpiece and a black torso with printed necklace. I guess she could either use the newer dress piece or have printed legs. Her accessory would be the little drink glass she has in the above picture.

#5. Qi’Ra (Kessel Disguise)

The other Qi’Ra minifigure would be her sporting the outfit she wore on Kessel. She would have a new hairpiece with ponytail that would be more accurate than the LEGO Friends one her normal minifig got. She would also have a dark red and black cape, while her accessories would be a silver regular blaster and maybe a new molded piece to represent Han’s golden dice!

#6. Lando Calrissian (Sabacc)

While Lando has many different capes in his Millennium Falcon’s closet (and some of them are even custom pieces!) he wore very few outfits in the film — his yellow and dark blue one in 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon was worn for most of his appearances, along with his white and yellow outfit at the ending sabacc game. I thus chose the latter outfit for his CMF idea, which would have his cape piece recolored in white along with some beach design prints on his torso. He would have a new double-sided head, one side with a big grin and the other with a shocked, open-mouthed expression. His accessories would be a couple of printed 1×2 tiles with sabacc designs on them — one of them could even be his limited edition green card.

#7. Lando Calrissian (Fur coat)

However, Lando did wear one more outfit briefly in the movie — this dark brown furcoat, during the scene where he shows off the Millennium Falcon to the crew. I think this could be made into a CMF too, with some dark brown fur coat printing on his minifigure. He could have a new head print too, with a slight squint. Not sure what accessories would fit, though.

#8. L3-37

While Lando got a minifigure, his droid copilot, the equal rights activist and droid liberator L3-37 did not get one, unfortunately. Thus, I would include L3 in the CMF lineup — being a CMF would mean she could get some new molds, maybe for her head, body, and/or legs. However, I don’t think she would need an accessory.

#9. Beckett (Vandor Outfit)

Next up is Beckett’s first appearance in this CMF lineup, and it is based off his appearance in the Vandor heist. He would have a dark brown minifigure outfit and a new dark tan cloth trenchcoat piece, along with dual silver pistols like in 75211 Imperial TIE Fighter. He would have a new hairpiece along with a printed head. For his goggles, I guess they could either come molded in with another hairpiece part, or just printed on the reverse side of his head.

#10. Beckett (Kessel Disguise)

The other Beckett appearance in this CMF lineup is Beckett in his disguise – fun fact, Beckett in the movie wears the exact same helmet that Lando later wore to infiltrate Jabba’s Palace in Episode VI! I’m guessing Lando keeps that helmet on the ship for when he needs it. I think the CMF could reuse the 2012 mold (which was reused from 2006) but with better printing, and would have some nice printing on the torso and legs. He would have a dark red cape and two silver blasters.

#11. Rio Durant

Rio Durant, played by Jon Favreau, is a four-armed character who was a member of Beckett’s initial crew. I think his CMF minifigure would have a new head mold with his translucent red goggles molded in. He would have either a modified torso piece with four arms or maybe an arm attachment like those the Outriders have to give him two extra arms behind a normal torso. His accessories would be a blaster, a spoon, and a bowl.

#12. Val

The final member of Beckett’s initial crew was Val, before she perished in the Vandor heist. Her minifigure would have a new facial expression, and could potentially have a new hair mold. She would have a neckscarf attachment, maybe like the one that TLNM Jay has but in white, and a gunmetal grey blaster.

#13. Enfys Nest

The twelfth minifigure in the series would be the leader of the Cloud Riders, Enfys Nest herself. She would have a new helmet mold molded in dark tan, as well as a furry coat cape piece and some detailed torso and leg printing. Her arms could even have printing, and she could also have a waist cape. I would also like her to have a face print underneath her helmet, and a dark orange hairpiece included. Her accessory would be her staff, which would be grey in color (but could have a blue blade like in a couple of scenes).

#14. Dryden Vos

The next minifigure in the lineup would be the main antagonist of the film and Paul Bettany’s character, Dryden Vos himself. He would have a new dark tan hairpiece and a double-sided head with neutral expression and faint lines, along with an angrier expression and redder facial lines. He would have a black outfit and come with new molds for his two bladed weapons.

#15. Hylobon Enforcer

Up next is the Hylobon Enforcers that work for Dryden Vos. This minifigure would have a new head mold that has the helmet molded into it. He would wear a black outfit and could potentially wield either a blaster rifle like in the picture, or the swords that they use on the yacht.

#16. Moloch

I know, we already got a very accurate Moloch minifigure in 75210 Moloch’s Landspeeder. However, my suggestion would be to use the same head mold, but print Moloch’s face onto it, which was what Moloch looked like at the start of the film before he put on his mask. He could come with his staff and a Corellian hound.

#17. Kessel Mine Guard

Next up is the Kessel Mine Guard, seen, of course, on Kessel. Han wore one of their outfits as a disguise. These minifigures would have simple printed heads, new helmet mold, and a new neck attachment for their equipment. They could have bars to represent their weapons.

#18. Range Trooper

One noteworthy minifigure omission from the Solo sets so far is the Range Trooper, which we saw during the Conveyex scenes on Vandor. I think their CMF vereions could have new helmet molds, a furcoat neck attachment, and maybe special leg attachments to represent their magnetic boots. He would have a silver blaster.

#19. Mudtrooper

We did technically get a mudtrooper minifigure, but it was Han Solo wearing the armor in 75211 Imperial TIE Fighter with an open helmet. For this minifigure, I would like a generic mudtrooper with new closed helmet mold. The rest of the figure could be relatively similar to the Han outfit, and the mudtrooper would have a regular black blaster rifle.

#20. Darth Maul

The final minifigure to complete the series would be the surprise appearance at the end of the movie and the leader of Crimson Dawn, Darth Maul himself. He would have a new face print that’s less crazy (unlike the previous Maul minifigure head in 75169 Duel on Naboo) but I think he shouldn’t be translucent blue; rather, he would wear black like a regular minifigure. He would have his double-sided lightsaber and a new mold for his lightsaber hilt.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Poster

Thanks for reading this post! Let me know what you think in the comments section: What is your favorite minifigure in this lineup? Who would you actually buy if this was real? What character would you add that I have omitted? Would you have done something different? Comment below! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


21 thoughts on “LEGO Solo: A Star Wars Story Collectable Minifigure Series Idea!

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  1. These are some great ideas! I’d probably buy all of them, but my favorites are definitely the Imperial Rangetrooper, Darth Mail, L3, Val, and also the molded golden dice piece sounds cool as well😉

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  2. I’d buy all of them, give or take coat lando and hylobon enforcer. Which is my favourite? All of them!!!! Don’t own any Solo sets (saving up for the ucs mf takes it’s toll) so these would be a fine addition to my collection. xD

    Like how you said dual-molded goggles on Chewie as the official version looks quite bad with the goggles printed on. And the official Hylobon Enforcer is too orange so the visor would help hide the hair 😀

    Nice post!

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  3. I heard a rumor about a month ago that next year they’re making a Solo: A Star Wars Story set called “Skirmish on Kessel.” It would make sense for a few more Solo sets to appear the year after it was released, just like Rogue One. Maybe they’d even do one or two battle packs, like with Rogue One. I hope they make a mudtrooper or range-trooper battle pack. We need one of those two.

    Also, the supposed minifigs in the set are: Qi’Ra (basically unchanged from the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon except this time she’s also wearing a red cape), Han and Chewie (Chewie’s in his Kessel disguise as a slave, and Han’s wearing his Kessel Mines Guard disguise, and Han comes with both the helmet and a hairpiece), L3-37 (yes, finally), Lando (but this time without the cape), two Kessel Run Guards, and Beckett in his Kessel Mines Guard disguise (he comes with both a hairpiece and the helmet). The builds are supposedly a big chunk of the Kessel Mines, and there are supposed to be a few LEGO grass pieces and yellow translucent studs to kind of resemble the little bits of plants and yellow rust at the entrance of the mines. The set is also supposed to have one or two LEGO moisture evaporators also at the entrance of the mines, and the Kessel Mines themselves have four rooms: the control room where L3-37 starts the droid rebellion, the small room where Qi’Ra kicks Quay Tolsite’s butt, the room where that Wookiee slave was and where it and Han and Chewie fought those Kessel Guards, and then there’s the fourth room: it’s the closest to the entrance of the mines, and it has two canisters of coaxium inside, guarded by one of the two Kessel Mine Guards in the set.
    Also, there are supposedly three mystery minifigs. I hope it’s a Kessel droid (or another guard), Quay Tolsite, and the Wookiee slave.

    If this set does come out in early-to-mid 2019, I’d love to see it. It has a little bit too many minifigs, but you can never have more than enough of those. 😉

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      1. I found the source on r/legostarwars/reddit. That site is surprisingly a really reliable source. It predicted the UCS porg, some of the LEGO Harry Potter sets coming out in the fall, and that site was actually one of the first sites to predict a new UCS Millennium Falcon!

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        1. Eh, honestly I’m not a big fan of r/legostarwars. I mostly stick to r/lego, as I’ve found r/lego to be more reliable. Too many kids there for my liking, and most of the news i’ve seen there are reposts.


              1. Yes…
                BECAUSE I CAN.

                Also, I still have to decide on some aspects of the plot of my fan film. Do you think the main protagonists (the group of mudtroopers) should encounter a Rebel Pilot and his downed ship in the middle of the fan film or not?

                Liked by 1 person

                  1. So as I’ve said in a few other comment sections, it’s after the Battle of Mimban, which was shown in Solo.

                    Corporal Han Solo and some of the others got back to the Imperial trenches where they were dispatched, while a small group of mudtroopers and Mimban-troopers are stuck on a small island in the middle of a large, deep lake full of mud and murky water. The Imperials try to survive off the limited resources of the island, and after two weeks on the island, a downed Y-wing Starfighter crashes right in front of the it.

                    Follow Emmett and Jane, two lovers who are both Imperial mudtroopers, their Mimban-trooper boss, Captain Kennedy, the fun-loving alien and Imperial mud-trooper, Bistan (yes, before Rogue One, Bistan is going be be a mudtrooper), the wisecracking Imperial gunner, Nines, Wedge Antilles, and R2-D2 as they slowly become allies and hatch a daring plan to escape from Mimban.

                    (Wedge Antilles is the pilot of the Y-wing, and R2 has a supporting role as Wedge’s sidekick and the Y-wing’s astromech. The fan film is gonna be around 20 minutes, and it is themed sci-fi/adventure/comedy/Action. There are a couple scenes devoted to the romance between Emmett and Jane.

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  4. So sad that Solo had a disappointing box office. It was a really good and fun movie.

    This was basically half of the Star Wars fandom reacting to Solo:
    I have a good feeling about this.

    This was the other half of the Star Wars fandom reacting to Solo:
    Is this something to call a political agenda?

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