71021-6 Birthday Party Girl CMF Review!

Pictures from Brickset’s review. Brickset does not sponsor or endorse this review. The opinions expressed in this piece are solely my own.

Hey guys! Today I have another Series 18 CMF Review, of the Birthday Party Girl. She has arrived to the costume party but without wearing a costume, so is she still a good minifigure? Let’s find out!

The Birthday Party Girl wears normal clothing. She has a white shirt with colorful dots on it and a ribbon, and has dual-molded short legs which I like – these aren’t very common. Her legs have shoe printing on them that continues on to the sides but not the back. She has a new face print and a new dark orange hairpiece, with a small hole at the top that can accommodate the included party hat piece (though you can put other pieces like LEGO Infinity Stones if you want).

The back of the Birthday Party Girl has some more dots on her torso and you can see the dual-molded legs from the back. I also like the two small pigtails on the back of her hairpiece.

The Birthday Party Girl has two accessories – one is a purple balloon piece that is surprisingly a new molding (I thought LEGO would use the balloons from 70900 The Joker’s Balloon Escape but they didn’t). Instead, the balloon is a new dual-molded piece, with a thin white string and a purple balloon at the top. The Birthday Party Girl’s other accessory is a present. This present has a new molded box design, which resembles standard LEGO crates but is only one brick thick. It has printed sides and has a printed 2×2 tile attached on top, which can be easily removed if you wish. I like this new mold and am pleased that it works well. Inside the box are a couple of biscuits – these pieces are formed from printed 1×1 round tiles but have appeared before, so it’s a little bit disappointing as it would have been nice to get a new print. Nevertheless, it’s still fine.

71021-6 Birthday Party Girl

Overall, I think this figure is quite good. She has some nice prints overall and can be reused outside of this costume party series. The new present box and balloon molds are quite nice, as is her hairpiece. However, I do feel she is a little bit plain in relation to some of the other Series 18 minifigures, feeling relatively normal amongst the costume party figures.

Rating: 4/5

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments section below 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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