MOC: LEGO Rogue One Chess Set by Gusseteer!

Hi everyone! Today I’m showcasing a MOC by Gusseteer, whom you may have seen in the comments from time to time. This is his LEGO Rogue One Chess Set, which he created as a combination of 40158 Pirate Chess Set and 75171 Battle on Scarif, and the design inspirations are quite clear. Let’s check out his MOC! 

Here’s a top-down view of the model. You can see the Scarif design throughout. Each square is 4×4 in size, and has two jumper plates to allow you to position a minifigure in the center.

Here’s the Rebels’ side of the MOC. You can see some blue water, tan sand, and plants behind them.

The Imperials get the bunker door behind from the Battle on Scarif set, along with some more plants.

The Rebels have Raddus as the king, Jyn Erso as the queen, Cassian and K-2SO as the bishops, Baze and Chirrut as the knights, and two Rebel Fleet Troopers as the rooks. The pawns are various rebel troops from throughout the Rogue One subtheme.

The Imperials have Darth Vader as the king, Director Krennic as the queen, Death Troopers as the bishops, Shoretroopers as the knights, and Imperial Navy Troopers as the rooks. The pawns are stormtroopers.

Also, Gusseteer modified a mini AT-AT MOC and turned it into a mini AT-ACT!

Gusseteer Rogue One Chess Set MOC

That’s it for Gusseteer’s MOC! I definitely like it, especially how he built extra builds along the side to spice it up. Leave some feedback for him in the comments, and if you have any MOC you would like me to feature, send it to me!

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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