71021-15 Cowboy Costume Guy CMF Review!

Pictures from Brickset’s review. Brickset does not sponsor or endorse this review. The opinions expressed in this piece are solely my own.

Hey everybody! Today we will be taking a look at another Series 18 Collectable Minifigure — the Cowboy Costume Guy! He is the fifteenth minifigure in the lineup which means we are almost done with Series 18! Let’s check him out!

Cowboy Costume Guy wears a very interesting costume, as not only is he dressing up as a cowboy, he’s also dressing up as the horse! His leg piece is brown with some hoof printing, and he has a brown waist attachment to represent the horse’s tail. The horse’s upper body, head, and front legs are represented by a new mold which attaches at the neck. It has nice printed detail on it and looks very cute. I think this design is very clever as it successfully recreates the cowboy look. Very ingenious!

The cowboy also wears a new tan-colored hat, shaped in the classic cowboy hat style. He has a new facial expression which looks good and I like his blue jacket with some torso printing. He looks like he is sleeveless but his sleeves are actually a different color from his hands — honestly I’m not a fan of this and wish LEGO chose a different color.

There’s not much to see from the back, though, other than the horse tail piece and some back torso printing.

71021-15 Cowboy Costume Guy

Overall, I think this minifigure is quite good. The horse/cowboy design is very unique and I like it, but I think the rest of the figure is just okay (the torso doesn’t really stand out and apart from the very specific horse mold, he doesn’t have any accessories).

Rating: 4/5

Thanks for reading! Do you agree/disagree with my points? Let me know in the comments down below! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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