70652 Stormbringer Review!

Hey guys! Today I’m reviewing one of the sets from the LEGO Ninjago Hunted subtheme! This is based on the upcoming Season 9 of the LEGO Ninjago TV show, which is a direct continuation of Season 8 (aka Sons of Garmadon). This set has 493 pieces and retails for £34.99 (UK), $39.99 (U.S.), $59.99 (Aus), and $79.99 (NZ). Let’s check the set out!The set depicts the lightning dragon, so it should be no surprise that it comes with Jay, the ninja of lightning. He wears his new outfit for Season 9, which is basically a modified version of his Season 8 outfit. Surprisingly, his suit seems relatively intact, in contrast with Kai, Zane, and Cole’s suits for Season 9. He has a dual-molded upper cowl along with a black lower cowl, which looks good. His head is the same head that Jay used in The LEGO Ninjago Movie and Season 8, which is fine but it would’ve been nice to get some variation. His torso and legs have good printing on them and he has a black neck armor piece, introduced in 2014-2015 I believe. He has several accessories — the sword he’s holding in his right hand is the Dragonbone Blade (which is not exclusive, appearing in a couple of the larger sets as well as 70650 Destiny’s Wing). The new Season 9 sets have also introduced several new silver weapon molds (basically Power Bursts, but for blade weapons instead). These weapons come packaged in their own small little bag and consist of two katana blades, two scythe-like blades, two tanto daggers, two angled blades, and two double-sided horned blades. Jay has a tanto blade sheathed in the sword holder on his neck attachment. He also has what is called a ‘kusarigama’ — basically the scythe blade attached on a chain. Jay seems to love weapons with chains in them. The other ninja minifigure included is Zane. He wears his Season 9 outfit, which is again his Season 8 outfit but with some battle damage (if you watch the show you’ll know why). He wears a dual-molded upper cowl and a black lower cowl, along with the silver Zane head piece that was introduced in 70639 Street Race of Snake Jaguar. His torso and leg prints look good too, and he has an exposed right arm due to battle damage (though that might not be immediately obvious as his skin tone is silver). Zane’s black quiver and bow are present, but he also has a katana, made with the new katana blade piece inserted into a brown hilt piece. The katana itself looks the same but the bar connection at the base is much shorter, allowing it to be inserted into sword hilts. I think this piece recolored in black might work well for a LEGO Darksaber. The first of the two bad guys included is this exclusive character called Daddy No Legs. His name is a pun on the spider called the daddy longlegs. He wears a black rubber ponytail piece which has been used previously by Nadakhan and Ultraviolet. It’s been inserted through a 1×1 round plate with hollow stud so it won’t fall out. Daddy No Legs has a white head with some printed detail, and he has a black mouthwrap. His torso has some printed detail but it’s not as detailed as we’ve come to expect from LEGO nowadays. Shockingly, Daddy No Legs has no legs! Rather, he has a brick-built attachment that connects via the bottom of his torso and his neck. It has four posable ‘legs’ and a couple of printed 1×1 silver tiles clipped on either side for some added detail. Daddy No Legs also has a backpack which is part of his leg attachment. It has a translucent orange long chain attached to it, with a harpoon and clip at the end which will come into play later. His other accessory is a sword, using one of the new silver blades. The final minifigure is this character known as Muzzle. His head armor piece is made from two pieces, just like the ninja cowl. The top half is a new mold in black, with a rounded design. The lower half is also a new mold, and attaches at the neck. It has a aggressive molded design with silver stripes on the front and some silver spikes on the left shoulder armor piece, along with a sword holder at the back. He has the generic torso and leg print design used throughout the Dragon Hunters in this subtheme – okay printing but not as detailed as LEGO can do. He has a katana (using the same silver katana blade but with a gunmetal grey hilt) and a staff (with the new silver double-sided horned blade). There’s another piece of the Golden Dragon Armor included – the breastplate armor piece. It’s gold in design and has a molded chainmail design, along with a nice molded dragon head (same style as the Dragonbone Blade hilt) on the left shoulder. There’s a small location sidebuild included to display it.

It has a few plates on the base to create some scenery, along with a dark grey pedestal that seems to resemble a blacksmith’s anvil. Some cheese slopes are used in the construction of this pedestal (as you can see in the middle), but they don’t have enough space to store anything inside if you open up the build. I presume this was only meant as a design element, and I think it looks good, creating a small rectangle on each side.The main build, though, is the lightning dragon known as Stormbringer. It is, of course, not meant to be confused with Stormbreaker, the axe/hammer forged by Thor in Infinity War. It shares several design elements with 70612 Green Ninja Mech Dragon, but is smaller and obviously blue in color instead. The dragon is fully brick-built – no large single-use molds here. Its four legs are connected to the main body with traditional rotating ratcheted joints, but the molded feet are connected with ball joints. It does not have large wings, as its design is more like an Asian dragon. It does, however, have small winglets, represented by some dark blue pieces connected to the main build with mini ball joints. There are some special molds recolored, along with a translucent light blue lightning bolt piece, to give the wings some added flair.

The head itself is fully brick-built. It uses a couple of printed 1×3 bricks (yes, printed!) on either side to give it its eyes. They are well printed and I’m glad that LEGO used prints. The dragon head has some posable horns and an opening jaw. Two translucent blue spring-loaded shooters are integrated into the mouth so you can fire them when you open the jaw. Unfortunately there’s no trigger for these and you have to manually fire them, which is a bit annoying.

While the head uses several different types of pieces in different ways to create some interesting texture, the neck is a lot more basic and has a lot of exposed studs. It doesn’t look organic in the slightest and the flat top of the neck looks very odd.

While I do tend to prefer brick-built things over large single-use molds, I feel that Stormbringer’s head is rather ugly due to the brick-built nature and the molded head of 70612 Green Ninja Mech Dragon looks way better. In between the wings is the saddle for Jay. It’s brown and dark red, and I think it looks quite nice. There are two clips at the back for storing accessories, and a pair of brown triangle pieces initially created for the Minecraft theme are used for additional texture. The saddle has a couple of silver chains that attach to Stormbringer’s neck, but is also connected by a couple of clips. This allows you to remove the saddle if you want a ‘wild’ version of Stormbringer, then let Jay tame the dragon and attach the saddle.

Also, Stormbringer has a swooshy tail. This is basically built up the same way as the tail of the Green Ninja Mech Dragon. You can turn the gear and the tail flicks side to side. It’s a very smooth, organic motion and I like it, even though the tail flops around when you don’t use it.

Oh, and remember Daddy No Legs’ harpoon grabber thing? Here’s where it comes into play.

There are areas on Stormbringer’s body with bars on it. You can clip the harpoon from Daddy No Legs onto these, allowing him to capture the dragons. I mean, these villains are Dragon Hunters.

Oh yeah, you can also combine this set with the LEGO Boost set to create a robotic Stormbringer which you can program using your iPad. Unfortunately I don’t have the LEGO Boost set so I can’t try this out.

That’s it for the set! Overall I think it’s not bad. The minifigure selection is good enough and the build is fine, even though the head’s a bit ugly. Playability is good too, and I think the price is very reasonable.

  • Builds: 3.5/5
  • Minifigures: 4/5
  • Playability: 4/5
  • Price: 4/5
  • Personal Rating: 4/5
  • TOTAL: 3.9/5

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments section down below 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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  1. Thanks for the awesome review! As someone who doesn’t watch the show but enjoy the Ninjago models, they go in weird directions sometimes. Daddy No Legs, for intance, is decidedly non-ninja, but I enjoy it nonetheless. The dragon head looks a bit static – is it fixed in that position, or can it look in different directions?

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