71021-16 Birthday Party Boy CMF Review!

Pictures from Brickset’s review. Brickset does not sponsor or endorse this review. The opinions expressed in this piece are solely my own.

Hey guys! We’re almost done with the Series 18 Collectable Minifigure Reviews! Today I have the Birthday Party Boy, the companion to the Birthday Party Girl CMF in this series. Let’s see how good he is! 

The Birthday Party Boy has chosen not to wear a costume to the party. As such, his head and hair are exposed – he has a new cool yellow hairpiece while his head has a cute smiling expression with printed green glasses. He wears a white shirt with blue polka dots and a printed blue and red tie. His shirt is short-sleeved, so he has dual-molded arms which look good. His short legs are dual-molded (dark blue and yellow) with some shoe printing, and I think they look good.

The back just has some more polka dots on the shirt. You can see how the dual-molded legs look from the back.

Like the Birthday Party Girl, the boy is armed with a balloon. This uses the new element with the thinner white string. However, the balloon itself is orange.

The Birthday Party Boy also has a birthday present. This also uses the new 2×2-sized present mold introduced for this CMF series. It has a printed 2×2 tile as its lid and also has some printing on the sides. Inside is a delightful gift – a pair of printed yellow 1×1 tiles representing a pair of Series 1 Collectable Minifigure packets! The printing on these is a bit basic but it still looks good and is accurate to the real-life packets. It’s very M E T A.

71021-16 Birthday Party Boy

I think this minifigure is a good one. He’s what I would call perfectly servicable – good overall with little flaws, but not a mindblowing or outstanding one. I like him just as much as the Birthday Party Girl CMF – I prefer the gifts that he brought but I prefer the Birthday Party Girl’s hairpiece.

Rating: 4/5

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments down below! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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