Going on Holiday!

Hey guys! Just a quick update to let you all know that I will be going away on holiday. As such, I probably won’t be able to reply to your comments (at least not as quickly as I used to). I also won’t be able to post everyday, though (at the time of writing) I plan to schedule some posts throughout the holiday period so this blog won’t stop entirely.

I will be back around the end of July, and hopefully will be able to get the blog back up and running again! If you have any new LEGO news updates you can share them in the comments section below 🙂

Anyway, I hope this won’t be too big of a deal, and that you all will hopefully be able to still enjoy the (less frequent) posts. If you like, you can go to the Review Index and read through some old reviews too 🙂

See ya then!

VaderFan2187 out! 🛫


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              1. Hmmm…the new Dobby and Voldemort look good. And I heard there’s movable short legs in this CMF series! YESSS! Movable short legs! Movable short legs will be great for brickfilms! They totally nailed Dumbledore, and Cho Chang…looks very bad and inaccurate. 😕

                Overall, good CMF series! I like the movable short legs and Voldemort’s minifigure the most.

                MasterSkywalkerFan2187 out! 🙂

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  1. Was wondering why it was so quiet here! Have fun! Where ya going?

    As for news…
    Lego Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts CMF revealed
    Lego Ideas Voltron Revealed
    And Lego have been teasing the crap out of the new expert car (james bond, presumably the DB5) possibly being revealed on the 18th.

    Think that’s about it and we’re no longer allowed to post leaks on discord, so I have to look harder to find leaks so yeah rip me. There goes my leaks source xD

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    1. Looks like the DB5 (10262) has been confirmed by a pre-order page for the Budapest Certified Lego Store. Not my cup of tea but might buy it for my Dad who has always wanted the real thing.

      That Voltron set is a definite purchase for me. I have no knowledge of Voltron at all but love the look of the set.

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  2. Ok, so Cloud car pilot and Ugnaught from Cloud City leaked. Creator expert James Bond DB5 leaked.

    SDCC Exclusive Builds: Millenium Falcon Cockpit (Solo variants of han and chewiw)
    Ant man and Wasp (Head and shoulders of ant man build, wasp minifig)
    Aquaman: (Aquaman comic variant, sea horse build and random stuff)
    SDCC Exclusive Figs: Black Lightning (legends of tomorrow)
    Deadpool in a sheriff outfit
    Angry Unikitty from TLM2

    And that’s it!

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    1. Here’s the DB5

      Here’s the Cloud Car pilot

      Sigh....Me want


      Black Lightning

      And that’s it


      1. In the comments of VaderFan’s review of the new Ant-Man and the Wasp set, I literally made a video which pre-reviewed all three SDCC sets!

        (Also, the Aquaman and Sheriff Deadpool and Ant-Man build look great.) 🙃

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  3. Yay!

    Emmett is the same, thankfully. Also, what in the heavens happened to Unikitty?
    Oh, and finally, a Duplo monster in a regular set! But if you look closer, you can see that it’s not real Duplo. It’s a brick-built Duplo monster. 😈

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  4. Okay, there should be orange dual-molding on BOTH arms. Also, Boba’s blue armor looks sand green thanks to the brightness of the photo, and the tattered cape and antenna aren’t included. Other than that, this looks good. 🙂

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    1. Because this image appeared at the start of the year, I’m really hoping that this is a practice and they won’t actually make him sand green.

      Also wow, you’ve been busy updating here!!! 60 comments! SHEESH

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  5. Did you guys hear? Mark Hamill is returning for Episode IX. Will he haunt Kylo Rem? Will he guide Rey? And Keri Russell is officially a cast member. Anthony Daniels is C-3PO once again, thankfully. Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley are back, OF COURSE. Those two cinnamon roll actors have to finish the trilogy with their characters, Rey and Kylo REN. John Boyega’s back. Yes! So is Kelly Marie Tran. Noice. Also, Chewbacca, of course. 🙂
    Now onto the big surprises! Maz Kansas is returning. And so is…*drumroll please*…Billy Dee Williams as Lando! YEEHAW!
    And Carrie Fisher’s in this, too. Supposedly they’re using “never before seen” footage from The Force Awakens so that she can be in the film. R.I.P. Carrie Fisher.
    BUT…it would be pretty funny if this happened… 😈

    Rey: Leia, why are you wearing those clothes from the day Han died?

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    1. Ah. What a movie. Good plot and characters, though Quicksilver was underused, it was kind of a CGI mess, and Ulysses S. Klaue did nothing but stand around in a corner, getting his arm chopped off by Ultron. Meh. At least Ulysses had a more exciting role in Black Panther. 🙂

      Anyways…people of Midgard, the 2017 summer hit known as Spider-Man: Homecoming will be in your television boxes tomorrow at 11 in the morning, and then again at 2pm in the afternoon. It will premiere on Starz Kids and Family.

      (Also, yes, everytime a Marvel or Star Wars movie will come on a major TV channel, I will report it. It will be a thing from now on.)

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  6. Go to my site, the Future Ruler of Midgard. I have recreated dozens of Infinity War posters, magazine posters, SDCC banners, and more. I even visited Edinburgh in Scotland, where the subway fight between the Avengers and the Black Order took place.


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