75219 Imperial AT-Hauler Pre-Review!

Hey guys! I’m currently on holiday but I can schedule posts ahead of time, so here’s a new post for y’all! I haven’t done a pre-review for a while so I’m doing a pre-review of 75219 Imperial AT-Hauler. This is one of the summer sets for Solo: A Star Wars Story. The current rumor is that it will retail for $99.99 in the United States. Let’s start out by checking out the minifigures, of which there are five.

  • The first minifigure is Qi’Ra. I think her inclusion is odd as she did not take part in the Vandor coaxium heist, which this set depicts. She wears her Vandor fur outfit, but she only wore that in the sabacc scenes with Lando. Anyway, she has the same head and hairpiece as her minifigure in 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon, which I think is fine. Her furry outfit has been depicted by prints here, and while I guess it looks fine, it’s not as bulky as it was in the film and I think an actual cloth piece might’ve been better. She has black unprinted legs and a black blaster pistol.
  • The second minifigure is Val. Unlike Qi’Ra, she did participate in the Vandor coaxium heist scene. She uses the black afro piece that I also used for my custom Val minifigure, and while it’s a bit too big, I think it’s accurate enough. She has a new head piece that is double-sided — a serious expression on this side which I think is pretty accurate to Thandie Newton, and an angrier expression on the other side with printed goggles. Her torso and legs have printing on them, including a white printed scarf, and she comes with a gunmetal grey blaster.
  • The third minifigure is one of Dryden Vos’ Hylobon Enforcers. His head is a new mold, with a dark orange base and a tan face. This isn’t fully accurate to the Hylobon Enforcers in the movie, as they wore black helmets that obscured most of their face. He has a printed torso and legs which look quite good and can be used for fancy security guards outside of this context. His weapon of choice is a silver blaster pistol, which I think isn’t very accurate as I believe the Hylobon Enforcers in the movie used blaster rifles or silver sword-like weapons.
  • The fourth minifigure is another Hylobon Enforcer. He is basically identical to the other Hylobon minifigure, except that he has a different face print which looks angrier and has teeth bared. Like Qi’Ra, however, these two Hylobons are odd choices, since they did not take part at all in the Vandor heist scenes. Well, there is a fan theory that these Hylobons are what Dryden Vos was initially supposed to look like (he was described as a CGI Mountain Lion before being replaced by Paul Bettany in the reshoots). Perhaps this minifigure was supposed to be a LEGO Dryden Vos, but when the reshoots happened LEGO just threw in a second one and called them the Hylobon Enforcers. We’ll probably never know for sure, but even if Dryden was in this set, it still wouldn’t be accurate to the movie.
  • The final minifigure is Rio Durant. This four-armed character was played by Jon Favreau in the movie and I liked him. He has a new head mold which you can get a closer look at here. The facial expression is bang-on but unfortunately the light blue beard molded here was not present in the movie. Rio’s head also has a spot to attach white goggles, and it has a molded white mic. His torso print is decent and his legs are unprinted, but his arms are very interesting! Since Rio has four arms in the movie, it was likely a challenge for LEGO to design him as a minifigure. So LEGO created a new arm mold that consists of two arms stuck together that connect to a regular torso! I think it looks good and am glad that the figure can still hold accessories. Rio has a gunmetal grey blaster.

On to the build. It’s basically the AT-Hauler itself. It is white in color, which I think is rather odd, as I’m pretty sure the movie version looked grey. It has an angled cockpit in the middle with two wing pylons on either side. I like how the cockpit is built, as I think it gets the shape correct without using new molds. Even the cockpit glass piece is reused, but I think it works fine. There is a stud shooter on either side of the cockpit, but I am interested to see the interior. Hopefully there’s space for at least a couple of figures.

Here’s the movie AT-Hauler. Looks rather grey to me, though like the Snowspeeder I guess it could be seen as in-between? I dunno. Definitely not as white as LEGO’s version though. One of the main play features of the AT-Hauler is that the wings can be folded up and down to convert it from landing to flight mode and vice versa. This is accurate and I hope it works smoothly, though the Technic pieces used in the mechanism are a bit of an eyesore in my opinion. Here’s what the ship looks like in landing mode.

Despite being undersized, I think it still looks surprisingly accurate to the movie version.

One of the main features of the AT-Hauler in the movie was the open-air lower level which allowed people to hop on and off. It’s all rusted though, so the LEGO version uses brown bricks. I hope the LEGO AT-Hauler has space for minifigures to stand here, as it looks a little bit cramp to me based on the pictures so far. Well, what was the AT-Hauler used for in Solo? To haul cargo! The LEGO AT-Hauler can lift cargo. There’s an included cargo crate which can be lifted by the AT-Hauler. The way it lifts, though, is inaccurate, as the movie AT-Hauler uses cargo cables to secure its cargo. This LEGO one carries cargo using Technic beams at the tip of the wings. Hopefully it will be easy to modify the set to carry cargo the correct way.

The LEGO cargo crate contains a stash of blaster rifles, but the LEGO AT-Hauler can also lift one of the train cars from 75217 Imperial Conveyex Transport.

On the whole, I think this set is alright. The build is okay but there are some big inaccuracies and we have yet to see the interior (if there’s any). The minifigure selection is okay, despite the fact that more than half of the figures are again inaccurate to the scene this set depicts. However, if the rumored price is true, I think it’s insane. This looks like a $60-70 USD set. Anything more would be overpriced, but $100 USD? I’m hoping it’s not true.

Anyway, thanks for looking! Let me know what you think in the comments below! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀

P.S. Today is a special day for me. Can you guess what occasion it is? 😛


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  1. Here’s my own prereview of the 75219 Imperial AT-Hauler LEGO set!

    Oh, boy. We’re in for a doozy of a set, aren’t we?

    *I think they should’ve put printing on Qi’Ra’s legs, whatever. The main problem with her minifig in this set is that her coat should’ve been a cloth piece! Oh, well.
    *Val looks nice, and I don’t think her hair is too big. I actually think they printed a bit too much on Val’s torso and legs. Also, I have to say…I would’ve liked Val to come with an actual scarf, like the Jay Walker minifigure from the LEGO Ninjago Movie CMF series. 🙂
    *I agree with VaderFan2187 on these two Hylobon Enforcer minifigures. LEGO nailed the torso and legs, but the head? No. Not at all. And I think they should’ve came with those rifles or those swords they had in the actual film. I also agree with VaderFan’s theory that originally there was only one Hylobon Enforcer, and that it was supposed to be a representation of Dryden Vos before good ol’ Paul Bettany came for reshoots.
    *I think they nailed Rio’s head, torso and legs, even if the blue beard thing is inaccurate. I still wonder if you can move Rio’s arms around like a normal minifigure. 🤔

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  2. Here’s the set in action! Pretty much the same as the cover of the box but without the background art of Vandor-1 and stuff.

    Okay, I’m with VaderFan2187 on this. The AT-Hauler should’ve been at least a light grey, not pure white.

    Here’s Rio, just chilling on the hood of the AT-Hauler, while watching the mayhem going on below him.

    Huh. Looks surprisingly accurate to the movie version when it’s in landing mode.

    Look! The LEGO version even has an open-air lower level like in this frame from the movie, in which Han and Beckett and Chewie are jumping out of the AT-Hauler. The open-air level looks surprisingly accurate in the set, though it does look a bit cramped.

    In this pic, the AT-Hauler is picking up the side-build of the LEGO set: some weird crate. It’s said that the AT-Hauler can pick up one of the two train carts from the Imperial Convoyex Train LEGO set coming out in the summer, and I heard the At-Hauler can pick up a LEGO AT-ST. 😛

    Inside the weird small crate that the AT-Hauler is supposed to pick up, it seems there’s a weapons rack, with four blaster rifles! I’m guessing these are for the Hylobon Enforcers. I’m going with that theory anyways.

    On the whole, I like this set. Mostly for the minifigs and the surprisingly accurate play features of the AT-Hauler build. Sure, the AT-Hauler might not be pure white in the movie, the weird small crate isn’t in the film, and a few of the minifigs (cough, Hylobon Enforcers, cough) are kinda inaccurate, but on the whole, I like this set. Until I get to actually review it, I’ll rate it a 3/5.

    MasterSkywalkerFan2187 out! 🙂

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  3. Happy Birthday!

    Nice pre-review! Out of the three new Solo sets, this would have to be my fav. Just something about the colour and shape makes it stand out to me. Yeah, interesting with the Hylobon enforcers and Dryden Vos. Eh, seems like a pretty good set but it’s a pass.

    Also updating the pinned post with leaks/news!


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