76131 Avengers Compound Battle Review!

Hey everyone! Today I have my final LEGO Avengers Endgame review, and wow it’s crazy to even think we’re at Part 2 of the incredible Infinity War. The Infinity Saga draws to a close next week and I genuinely can’t believe it. Anyways, this set is the biggest LEGO Avengers Endgame set in the wave, retailing at £89.99 (UK), $99.99 (U.S.), $169.99 (Aus), and $199.99 (NZ). Let’s check it out!


Our first figure in the set is the new Ant-Man microfigure. The concept of a LEGO Ant-Man microfigure is not new, as a micro LEGO Ant-Man figure appeared in 2016’s 76051 Super Hero Airport Battle, but this figure is new as it shows Ant-Man sporting his new white Avengers suit. It’s all one piece, with one anti-stud at the base and pretty detailed printing on the body considering how small the figure is. The head is printed in silver and the silver wraps around, but otherwise there is no printing on the back. If you want to get the full-size version of this Ant-Man, you’d have to buy 76124 War Machine Buster, but this is still a fantastic figure and I love its inclusion. It’s also exclusive, by the way. Our second minifigure is Iron Man in his Mark 85 suit, and wow honestly this could be the last LEGO MCU Iron Man figure we could ever get. (I’m gonna go cry now.) It is not mindblowing, but it is a good, suitably detailed figure. It reuses the same helmet and double-sided head print from the Infinity War figure, but I think it looks really good nonetheless. The Mark 85 has a new torso print (which looks pretty similar to the Mark 50’s torso print) and a new leg print with lots of added gold detailing on it. The arms are also gold, and this is accurate as the Mark 85 suit has more gold colors on its arms and legs, however, the arms are slightly oversimplified as the movie suit has a combination of gold and dark red. The Mark 85 has two translucent blue Power Blasts and two leg cylinders, which is odd as LEGO previously included translucent blue Power Bursts (which are way more versatile) for Iron Man in the LEGO Avengers Infinity War sets. Nonetheless, still a good figure, and worthy enough to be potentially our last LEGO MCU Iron Man minifigure. Next up is the new Nebula figure, which is a new minifigure for 2019. Her head is the only new and exclusive part – it has a light blue base color with a stoic expression. She has good detail on the front and back and I really like this figure overall. Nebula wears one of the white Avengers suits and while the torso and legs have good printing, I am a little bit tired of these suits already and would have rather had Nebula’s brown outfit in the movie. Nebula is armed with a silver katana. Our next minifigure is Captain Marvel, and annoyingly this is the same lame figure from 76127 Captain Marvel and the Skrull Attack. Unfortunately, she has the same recolored Black Widow hairpiece (which REALLY does not work for Endgame) and the reused Qi’Ra face from 75209 Han Solo’s Landspeeder (which doesn’t really work, especially the smiling face). Her torso print is fine but she just has plain dark blue legs which looks pretty bad – at least give us dual-molded boots, LEGO. She does come with translucent orange Power Bursts which is nice to get, and there is even a 4×4 translucent orange radar dish included to form a stand for her. Our final regular minifigure is just a generic Outrider. These mindless beasts first appeared in the Infinity War sets – 76101 The Outrider Dropship Attack76103 The Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack, and 76104 The Hulkbuster Smash-Up – and have reappeared in the Avengers Endgame sets. This minifigure is unchanged from its 2018 appearance, with the four regular black arms clipped onto the neck brace piece. This particular figure also appears in 76124 War Machine Buster and 76125 Iron Man Hall of Armor, and while there’s nothing wrong with it, I feel like it’s a wasted opportunity and someone like Ronin or Rescue should have been included instead.Moving on to the bigfigs – of which there are two in this set – the first is the new Hulk. This Hulk uses the same mold as the 2015 Hulk bigfig, and sports the same olive green color scheme. He has short black hair and a printed… smile?! on his head. Previous Hulk minifigures have always been really angry but I think this change reflects the gradual increase in intelligence of Hulk and I welcome the change. Hulk wears dark blue pants, but unfortunately this is inaccurate as – as far as concept art shows – Hulk wears a full-on bodysuit in Avengers Endgame and is not shirtless. LEGO Hulk also has a lack of toes which looks kind of weird to me too. Our final figure is the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. This is the only Avengers Endgame set to include the mighty warlord, and this figure is quite good overall to me. Unfortunately, it reuses the Thanos mold from last year’s Infinity War set which is frustrating as the helmet shape is still inaccurate, but I think this figure is still overall better than last year’s Thanos bigfig. Thanos now has a printed smirk which is a much more appropriate facial expression, and he has detailed printing on his dark grey body. His arms are also printed with gold armor on the sides, and I think it really adds to the overall detail. This is a good figure overall, though I personally prefer the dark blue base color and I think this could really have benefitted from some painted boots. Thanos comes with the Infinity Gauntlet, and while this is the same mold as last year’s Infinity War sets, Thanos strangely only comes with the Time and Power stones. Is this is a potential spoiler or is it LEGO just trying to save their budget? Thanos is also armed with a brick-built hammer, which seems kind of weird as he’s shown using a double-sided sword in all the promotional material. Then again, Thanos already wielded a sword in last year’s LEGO Infinity War sets.

(About the inclusion of only two stones – worth noting is that all of LEGO’s official images only show Thanos from a leftward angle, which means you can’t see that the other four slots are empty. I wonder how many children got this set thinking they’d get a full gauntlet, only to get two of the stones. Potentially a not-so-nice decision by LEGO.)On the whole, I think this is a strong minifigure lineup. Yes, it’s annoying that we don’t get most of the original Avengers in their regular suits, and the Captain Marvel minifigure still sucks, but I think this lineup is still good. You get an exclusive Iron Man Mark 85, an exclusive micro Ant-Man, an exclusive new Nebula head print, and exclusive versions of Thanos and Hulk. We haven’t gotten a regular Hulk bigfig since 2015 so this is good to get, even if the Hulk figure is inaccurate in terms of clothing. Oh, one cool thing about this set – it includes one of the new teal-colored brick separators, which are new for this year. These first appeared in sets from The LEGO Movie 2, before reappearing in 76126 Avengers Ultimate Quinjet and a couple other large LEGO sets.


Now we move on to the builds, but wait! This is a playset aimed primarily at kids, so of course we have vehicles included. The first side vehicle is this dark blue Avengers jeep. It has four wheels with thick tires and two yellow headlights with a large black bullbar piece at the front. There’s a translucent brown windscreen in the middle and one stickered 2×2 tile with the Avengers logo on both sides of the car. Some relatively new wedge and slope plates are used in dark blue on the front and sides of the jeep to quite good effect. The jeep has a tan seat in the middle for the driver, along with a steering wheel. The back part of the jeep has translucent red lights and a stickered 1×2 tile numberplate. There’s also two car spoiler pieces used sideways and in between that is a rotating turret. The rotating turret has a pair of stud shooters and a 1×2 stickered control slope. The idea – at least as suggested by LEGO – is that you would take Iron Man and put him in the driver’s seat, and stand Nebula behind the turret to control it. Absolutely incredible, I can’t believe LEGO leaked this amazing scene when Iron Man and Nebula drive a jeep into battle against Thanos. Honestly, it’s kind of silly how Iron Man is in a freaking Mark 85 suit that can fly and hold its own against the Mad Titan, yet still resorts to driving a car. LEGO logic I guess.

Here’s a meme I made about it.

The other build in the set is the Avengers helicopter. It also has a dark blue color scheme and is larger, yet less dense, than the jeep. It has two black rotors that can rotate, and there’s a sticker with the Avengers logo on the tail at the back. One thing I like is that the tail has four wings on it instead of the regular propellers – it’s a nice change. The helicopter has a translucent brown curved windshield. You can sit a minifigure inside and the pilot gets a 1×2 stickered control slope. There are some silver engine pieces flanking the cockpit, along with a large rapid stud shooter at the front. There’s the usual helicopter base piece in dark brown at the bottom – this has a couple of stickered wing pieces, along with a pair of clips. One clip holds a fire extinguisher, the other clip can hold a minifigure accessory.The rapid stud shooter at the front has six gunmetal grey studs. You can turn it and fire them all across your room, never to be found again.

Here’s another Avengers Endgame meme for you all. Now we can move on to the main build of the set, which is the Avengers Compound itself. It’s a build that is predominantly white and light grey, and is built in two main sections. It measures around 29cm wide and 20cm deep altogether – not too large for a set at this price.

Let’s start at the garage, which is on the left side of the model. This garage has a white color scheme with rectangular translucent dark brown windows, which is accurate. There’s a rolling garage door at the front, using LEGO’s garage door pieces, and this works very well. You can open the garage and drive the jeep in. There’s also a gantry at the front with a yellow and black design. The gantry can be opened up on a Technic pin, and the car can drive through on some light grey slope pieces. There are also a pair of translucent orange lights and a large trans orange satellite dish to the side. The satellite dish can hinge up and down and rotate around on a turntable.

The right side of the garage has an opening door which leads into the garage. There’s a tool rack to the side which can be used to repair the jeep. The tool rack has a welder, a spanner, a crowbar, and a chainsaw. There are also four rectangular windows which is a decent attempt at replicating the iconic windows of the Avengers Compound.

The top of the Compound has a landing pad with a large 6×6 stickered tile. The sticker has the Avengers logo on it which is very nice. There are also two stud shooter turrets up here. They can hinge up and down slightly, rotate, and fire off gunmetal grey studs. The Avengers helicopter can be landed snugly on top of the landing pad. This angle also shows the back of the garage, and it is completely empty. Two of the walls are not included to help with accessibility and play. Now on to the main compound building itself. This is a two-storey building that is predominantly white in color, along with some grey and dark blue highlights. There’s a stickered 4×4 tile with four studs on the side which gives it a large Avengers logo, along with a printed 2×2 round tile with the Avengers logo at the front – this piece first appeared in 76123 Captain America Outriders Attack. The top level has windows that curve outwards, similar to how it looks in the movie.

The bottom level has an opening glass door and two big window panes. There’s a printed new 1×1 tile on the side to enter in the security code, and as a spare is included you can use this piece as Captain Marvel’s pager if you want.

Turning around to the back, the back of the compound is, once again, completely open for better access. There’s a swiveling computer on a turntable – this has a printed keyboard and a stickered screen showing a graphic of the Infinity Gauntlet.

On the left, it’s more interesting – there are four red laser beams and a sticker showing a minifigure hand keypad. This area is actually a place to hold the LEGO Infinity Gauntlet, and you can actually detach part of the wall to remove the Infinity Gauntlet!! The grey Technic beam with the laser beams can also fold downwards for minifigure access.

The other side also has three laser beams for extra security and protection.

It’s not that secure though, because as you can see you can simply remove the entire wall to steal the gauntlet! This section is attached by a red clip piece. The Technic beam with the four laser beams can also be folded down but access is harder that way.

The second level of the Avengers Compound is actually a meeting room. There’s a round table with the printed Avengers tile and three seats around it. There are three clear mugs on the table and one clear bottle. Interestingly, the top of the table (the black part) can be removed, and there’s a hidden feature underneath – a double-barreled spacegun and a black machine gun. There’s a sticker on the wall panel with a graphic about an Outrider, who presumably is invading the base.

I also find it absolutely hilarious that the official LEGO image shows Hulk sitting on the roof in the most awkward way possible, since he can’t fit into the compound.

There is a door on the side of the upper storey. This has an interesting rotating door design – you place a minifigure on the 4×4 round plate, then rotate it so they end up outside. It’s kind of like an airlock/elevator door feature, and while technically unnecessary, still pretty cool.

This doorway connects to a bridge that leads to the helicopter landing pad. There’s also a brick-built connection that links the two sections together at the bottom.

Now let’s go to the roof of the compound. It is mostly wide, and has a design which angles inwards, meaning part of the interior is uncovered at the top. There’s a bracket holding the Avengers tile, a couple of ice cream scoop pieces in silver for mechanical detail, and a rotating turret.

This defense turret rotates on a 4×4 turntable, and can hinge up and down. It has a pair of spring-loaded shooters which fire out translucent dark blue bolts. I like spring-loaded shooters and this is their only appearance in the LEGO Avengers Endgame wave, but I have to say that this turret isn’t the prettiest thing in the world. And that is it for the entire set!

On the whole, I feel like this set is not that great. It’s very very skewed towards a young demographic and is not great for teens, adults, or even slightly older kids. The minifigure selection is strong but I do not like the builds. The two vehicles are pretty superfluous and are a waste of parts, and the compound itself lacks so much depth that you can’t really play with it. There’s just so little to do in the main compound itself – the garage works well but the actual compound building itself has very little playability. It’s literally just a computer, a detachable wall (which is more for playing outside the building than inside), and a cramped conference table that can fit 3-4 people max.

The price is also rough. £90 and $100 is definitely too expensive for a set of this size. Two bigfigs are indeed included, but when I look at everything included in the set, I’d estimate a value of around £80 or $85 – certainly not its current RRP.

  • Builds: 3/5
  • Minifigures: 4.5/5
  • Playability: 3/5
  • Price: 3/5
  • Personal Rating: 3/5
  • TOTAL: 3.3/5

I understand if you think I am being a bit harsh, but I just feel that this set is not that good.

But anyway, that’s it for this review! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below (please do follow the rules in my Avengers Endgame Spoiler Policy) and I’ll see you in the next post! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀

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  1. Hulk: I’m Just gonna chill up here and make sure Thanos doesn’t invade our base. That ok with you, Ant-Man?
    Ant-Man: *Jumps off building and runs towards a big purple blob in the distance*
    Hulk: Ant-Man?! *Sees Thanos* Oh shhhiiii-
    Ant-Man: *Jumps into the Thanus at accelerated speed*
    Hulk: NOOOOOOO!!!!
    *A purple explosion erupts, destroying everything in its path*

    Oh sorry I should have followed the Endgame spoiler policy 😂

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  2. I like how, in that one picture, it looks like Iron Man, Captain Marvel, And Nebula are just casually having lunch together. XD

    Iron Man’s possibly last MCU figure will make me scramble for this set (after my UCS is done), Thanos is a big improvement from last year, Nebula is a fair minifigure, the Outrider is a wasted oppurtunity, Captain Marvel is Bantha dung, and #JusticeForHulk’sToes.

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