LEGO Ideas Among Us Project!

Hello everyone! Today I’m here to showcase my new LEGO Ideas project, based on the popular game Among Us that has taken the online world by storm.

For those who don’t know, LEGO Ideas is an official LEGO platform where fans can submit their own creations, and if a creation gets 10,000 supporters, LEGO will review it and potentially make it into a real LEGO set!

Making a LEGO Ideas set has always been a dream of mine, and I’m excited to finally be able to release one based on Among Us! If you’re a LEGO fan who wants a LEGO Among Us set to happen, or if you’d like to support the project, you can support it here:

Supporting is completely free, but it helps me out so much! Alternatively, read on to check out more details of the project.

Among Us is basically a mafia-style game, with up to ten players in each game. Players are given one of two roles – Impostor or Crewmate. The goal of a crewmate is to complete all their tasks and/or eliminate the Impostors, while the Impostors’ goal is to kill and sabotage the crewmates without being discovered. Crewmates can report bodies or call meetings, and must assess the situation to vote out the Impostors.

Two Impostors in-game after a successful kill

The main map of the game is The Skeld, which is what my LEGO Ideas project is based on. My LEGO ideas Among Us project is currently the only project that features every single room and interactive task from the game, and I went to great lengths to ensure that every detail from Among Us has been replicated in the LEGO model.

My LEGO Ideas Among Us model recreates the in-game map, and every room (Cafeteria, Storage, Admin, Weapons, O2, Navigation, Shields, Comms, Medbay, Electrical, Security, Upper/Lower Engine, and Reactor) appears in LEGO form for minifigures.

Speaking of minifigures – 12 are included, complete with minifigure stand. So no matter what color you like to play as in Among Us, you’ll get your LEGO representation here.

Check out some of the details present in the LEGO model. Here we have the cafeteria room. It is accurately shaped as an octagon, and features an emergency button that can actually be pressed. There are also other tasks present, including a garbage chute with lever, along with a vent that opens for a sneaky Impostor to jump out!

This is the Weapons room, which involves one of the important “visual tasks” in the game. You can place a figure on the operator’s seat, then press the hidden missiles to fire off two spring-loaded LEGO shooters – recreating the in-game firing cannons! There’s also another opening vent for an Impostor to make a quick escape.

Here we have the Shields room. There are two LEGO light bricks hidden under the floor, so you can press the red Technic levers to turn on the shields – just like in-game!

This is the Storage room, which is one of my favorite rooms in-game as it is one of the few rooms with no vents. This LEGO room hides another action feature – you can press the red Technic lever to eject little pieces of trash, just like you can in-game!

Another highlight is the Reactor room. You can start the reactor and unlock manifolds (in-game tasks), or fix the sabotage by stopping a Reactor Meltdown! Building this reactor in LEGO was a highlight for me, and I’m pleased with how it turned out.

That is it for my LEGO Among Us project! If you would like to see more images and support it, check it out here:

I have a big update planned at 5000 supporters so every single vote helps so much! Also share the link with your friends at

Thank you for checking out this project. Please support it – it helps me so much and I really do appreciate it!

Comment your thoughts below 🙂

VaderFan2187 out!

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  1. Hello everyone! I thought I’d pop back to showcase my new LEGO Ideas project. I’ll be back on this blog from time to time – thanks for all your kind words and well wishes!

    If you like, you can check out my Instagram account where I post LEGO content daily:


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