76107 Thanos’ Ultimate Battle Review!

Hello peeps! Today I am reviewing the second biggest LEGO Infinity War set – 76107 Thanos’ Ultimate Battle! It is a 674-piece set that retails for £69.99 (UK), $79.99 (U.S.), $119.99 (Aus), and $149.99 (NZ). It depicts a battle on Titan between Thanos himself and the Guardians of the Galaxy (plus Tony).  Continue reading “76107 Thanos’ Ultimate Battle Review!”


A Throwback Look at LEGO Pharoah’s Quest!

Hey guys! Remember my Throwback Look at LEGO Atlantis? Today I’m doing one for another LEGO theme – Pharaoh’s Quest! I’m hoping to do more of these throwback posts so do let me know what you think of these types of posts! Anyways, Pharaoh’s Quest was a one-year LEGO theme that came out in 2011. Let’s jump straight in!  Continue reading “A Throwback Look at LEGO Pharoah’s Quest!”

76096 Superman and Krypto Team-Up Review!

‘Sup guys! Today I have a review of a 2018 LEGO DC Superheroes set — 76096 Superman and Krypto Team-Up. This 199-piece set retails for £19.99 (UK), $19.99 (U.S.), $39.99 (Aus), and $49.99 (NZ), which is annoying because a $19.99 USD price seems to indicate a $29.99 AUD and $39.99 NZD price. Like 76099 Rhino Face-Off by the Mine, the country-to-country price ratio is not optimal, but hopefully the set can still impress. Continue reading “76096 Superman and Krypto Team-Up Review!”

A Comprehensive Guide to LEGO’s Avengers: Infinity War Minifigures!

Avengers: Infinity War is one of the biggest movies of the year, with a 10-year buildup throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, culminating when the Mad Titan Thanos himself comes to collect the six Infinity Stones so that he can destroy half the universe.

Two trailers (here’s #1 and here’s #2) and one Super Bowl Teaser have been released for the film, and hype levels throughout the fandom are sky-high. LEGO has released six sets for the film, which is the biggest they’ve ever gone for a subtheme (it matches 2015’s Age of Ultron lineup), though, if you ask me, I want more. Anyways, let us check out the minifigures that accompany these six sets! Continue reading “A Comprehensive Guide to LEGO’s Avengers: Infinity War Minifigures!”

Tongue-in-Cheek LEGO MOC/Set Idea: Rebellion Transport Pod!

Hey guys! Today I decided to make fun of 75176 Resistance Transport Pod. I read a (very critical review) of the set which said:

Imagine buying the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit on its own. It just doesn’t work.

Other noteworthy features of the Resistance Transport Pod set is the fact that it’s an upscaled cockpit of a minifigure-scale ship with seats for three (a dude, a lady, and a droid from the second movie in a Star Wars trilogy) and no enemy figures. Oh, and a very high price, especially in the U.K.

So today I present: the Rebellion Transport Pod!  Continue reading “Tongue-in-Cheek LEGO MOC/Set Idea: Rebellion Transport Pod!”

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